Whittaker Round 5-7 and Slingink

Well, what can I say. Started a story for Round 5 of Whittaker and didn’t finish it. Wrote a poem that I quite liked and it got disqualified because it was over the line limit (doh – hint double check the rules, people!).

But for Round 6 I managed both a story and a poem – last minute as usual so fully expecting to do fantastically well!!

Now we are on round 7 (of 9) and I have decided that I will use the picture prompt for both rounds – you can see the picture that will inspire me here. Freaky, huh. Let’s hope I can do it justice.

Been busy on Slingink processing new registrations to the site and entries to our competitions – Slingink Shorts (now closed) and The Slingink Prize (closes July 31st).

Also hoping to start receiving submissions to the e-zine I’m hoping to launch on my birthday in August so please check out the Submission Guidelines.

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