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Winning NaNoWriMo 2010

Winning NaNoWriMo 2010

I blogged a couple of days ago about having a hell of a lot of writing to do this weekend to succeed at the task I’d set myself of joining many others attempting to write 50000 words of a novel in 30 days. Well I did it, and it feels so good.

Here is my progress chart day by day.

Day Ideal Actual Left to Go Day Total
1 1667 1697 48303 1697
2 3334 1697 48303 0
3 5001 1697 48303 0
4 6668 3613 46387 1916
5 8335 5605 44395 1992
6 10002 6634 43366 1029
7 11669 11700 38300 5066
8 13336 11700 38300 0
9 15003 11700 38300 0
10 16670 11700 38300 0
11 18337 11700 38300 0
12 20004 15864 34136 4164
13 21671 16303 33697 439
14 23338 16303 33697 0
15 25005 16303 33697 0
16 26672 16303 33697 0
17 28339 16303 33697 0
18 30006 16303 33697 0
19 31673 16303 33697 0
20 33340 16303 33697 0
21 35007 21973 28027 5670
22 36674 23264 26736 1291
23 38341 25709 24291 2445
24 40008 25709 24291 0
25 41675 25709 24291 0
26 43342 31015 18985 5306
27 45009 40517 9483 9502
28 46676 50370 -370 9853
29 48343 50000
30 50010 50000

As you can see there were rather a lot of days where I didn’t write anything, and I didn’t feel well on a number of those days (or was travelling round Italy in the rain!). But to be honest this is how I work, I have never really been a plodder, routinely working on something until it is finished. I have always been a last minute wonder, needing that adrenaline to keep me moving.

Doing this for sponsorship and having people put their money towards a cause I believe in has been a good motivator and when I have actually sat down to write it has been a joy. Although, on more than one occasion I found myself eyes drooping, nearly nodding off at the computer (hopefully that is more to do with how tired I was rather than my story). But I did plod a little more than usual and sat down to write when sometimes I din’t want to, I even did a bit of planning and outlining before I started.

Now, I know some of my facebook and twitter friends are still working and I wish them all the luck and determination in the world to keep going. One thing I know is that this is only the beginning and that despite the ‘Novelist’ badge that I have been wearing from the No Plot No Problem Novel Writing Kit I do not have finished novel under my belt. So I need to keep going and finish the manuscript and then go back and cut out lots of the rubbish words and add some better, more magnificent ones, and correct the name changes and that dreadful tense change, and develop my characters and fill in the plot holes and foreshadow and… I think you get the point.

Please keep nagging me and you never know you may be in  position to get a (self-published – I’m not foolish enough to think I’ll be snapped up by an agent or publisher) copy of Training Time (Book 1 of Cop Across Time) in your stocking from Santa next Christmas.

Roll on NaNoWriMo 2011 when I can write ‘As yet Untitled’ (Book 2 of Cop Across Time)

Now excuse my blatant adding of NaNo Winner’s badges (which one is your favourite).

I did say blatant – sorry!

Good night and good nano one and all.

Kirsty (aka CharmedP3 and kirstyes)

(Ps. My sponsorship page for Cancer Research UK is still open if you are feeling generous – UK taxpayers don’t forget to select the gift aid button –

Very brief NaNoWriMo Update (OK not as brief as I'd initially planned!)

I’ve not been on here much because I’ve been embarrassed about my non progress in NaNoWriMo. As of the end of today my Word Count is 31010. [Validated through the site at 31027!]So I’ve got 18990 words to write this weekend (I need to finish ideally by Sunday night because otherwise work get in the way). Splitting this makes the task 9495 words each day.

I kind of already feel like a winner because I’ve already written about 10 times more than on my previous attempts (I’ve been signed up since 2004) and more on one thing than ever before (and this has been while on holiday, at work, while ill etc).

But I am doing this for charity, I do have sponsors who have paid up so I will succeed, I need to. Please send me your good luck and non procrastinating vibes (the kitchen is cleaner today than it has been in a while).

I have noted some glaring errors while I was combining all my files into one for validation, mainly an immediate tense change – but do you know what I’m not going to do anything about that until I’ve finished.

And pretty please if I do make it please consider adding to my sponsorship.

And then keep nagging me from time to time to check that I haven’t just left the story in a file on my hard drive and done nothing with it. That would be a waste.

(Ps. Though I haven’t used my free Scrivener Beta for Windows it looks really good and I will be having a play next week before the licence expires. If I ‘win’ and get a 50000 word novel validated I can get Scrivener for Windows in Jan I think for 50% off. And you can get a free copy of your novel through CreateSpace and not to mention the cool web badges saying winner, the t-shirts, etc. and the real badge from my No Plot, No Problem Novel Writing Kit that says Novelist.)

Finally a huge well done to my fellow NaNoers who have crossed the finish line, validated and gone purple with winner and good luck to the rest of them still waiting to cross that elusive finish line.


Just a note to whoever is spamming me on this blog – I am not going to approve your posts so you are wasting my time and your own.

I will have to remove comments features if you don’t stop – please get away from your computer and do something more productive with your life instead – like maybe volunteering.

That is all.

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