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Insecure Writer’s Support Group July 2014 #IWSG

Hmmmmm, what happened to June’s IWSG? Well I was away at a conference that week so unfortunately writing and IWSG flew in one ear and out of the other. I did do some writing for the conference (to go alongside a poster) – if you are interested you can see that here.

Writing wise I have been taking part in the lovely Keris Stainton’s online writing courses, Beyond the First Draft and Writing for Teenagers. Although I haven’t had time to implement the great advice, and tips and techniques, I learnt a lot. She has a course that has only just started so it’s probably not to late to sign up – you can find details here.
On both courses Keris provided detailed examples and lots of really useful resources that I can return to and explore further. Keris’ links with a range of YA authors is apparent and many have kindly shared their writing experiences. It’s really useful to see that range so you finally get a feeling that one size doesn’t fit all and that there really isn’t only one right way to write. What this course does, is to start to help you find the right way for you.

July is Camp NaNo again and because April’s didn’t go so well I really have decided that challenges like NaNo only really work for me when I’m writing something new. Editing is a whole other beast. So I’m trying to write a steampunk story with a target of 25,000 words. I did well on Day 1 and doubled my target which is good beacuse days 2 and 3 haven’t really happened. This weekend is going to be a Wimbledon Finals/Writing double bill.

Hope everyone else has been having a good month (and I hope I’ve snuck this in quick enough not to be chucked off the IWSG roster for missing two in a row). Thanks go to Alex and this month’s co-hosts. Find out more about the group by clicking on the image.



Insecure Writer’s Support Group May 2014 #IWSG

Well Camp didn’t go that well, I only managed to edit through 4,000 words for a whole host of valid and probably not so valid reasons, so I’m feeling a bit glum.

Have signed up for two courses with Keris Stainton, one on editing and one on writing for teenagers. Hoping to get stuck into those this weekend.

Also purchased this book which is a work of art and, I’m hoping, container of helpful advice.


I will have a full novel ready by the end of this year….please universe and brain?!


Insecure Writer’s Support Group April 2014 #IWSG

Back in February I spoke about my fear of editing. Well I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo (link to my profile) and plan to edit/addit to Tetrana to the tune of 20,000 words. It’s nearly the end of day two and I have achieved the grand total of 0 words edited or addited so far. However I’m going to aim for at least 100 before bed after I’ve posted this.

The difference between Camp and NaNoWriMo is that you can choose your own wordcount and writing project.

Has anyone else signed up for Camp?

What target/project have you gone for?

What’s your favourite camp activity?

I went with toasting marshmallows because I actually quit girl guides after a camping holiday, although cabins I could probably manage better than tents. I want marshmallows now!

No April A-Z for me this year – I wasn’t going to do Camp but I want to work on Tetrana so I thought why not combine the two.

Hope you aren’t feeling too insecure this month.


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