LeakyCon Arts Fellowship Application Portfolio

Dear LeakyCon Arts Fellowship Panel
I hope you enjoy reviewing the information below. Both novel ideas, Tetrana and Training Time, have come to me in dreams and it is my dream to become a published author. Please feel free to explore my blog in more detail, however I have linked to posts and information below which are most relevant to my specific application.
Writing Sample – Opening from the Novel Tetrana (1,000 words) 
As she watched the cargo ship dock, Maeve heard an unusual beeping coming from her earpiece. She looked down at her handset which flashed, Lifeform Detected in red. This wasn’t a rodent, and it wasn’t one of the crew that had already forwarded their bioscans. The supply ship only comes once every six months to Gelapterang and they’d not had an unauthorised migrant come to their planet for years, hell, they’d not seen an authorised one for two. The cargo workers usually only stayed as long as it took to refuel and then headed back into space. The scan was unlike any Maeve had seen before, it looked like there might be two of them.
     Irena would not be at all happy about this.
Brenna wasn’t sure how long she should wait. On the other planets they’d taken anywhere between ten minutes and ten hours before moving on, depending on whether the ship was dropping off or picking up, and on whether a refuel was needed. They hadn’t done that for a while so she thought they might need to, but this was her stop and she wasn’t going to take a chance missing it. This ship didn’t take human cargo without a bioscan so to catch it in the first place was risky. To hide undetected for five months had taken all her skill, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her reaching her final destination. She belonged here, her dreams had told her as much.
     She heard the metal clanking of the robots in the bay, which was nearly empty now. She’d lived on the supplies here which had dwindled with each stop, this must be the last because only a few packages remained. Only a few places to hide behind. The woman, entered just as Brenna had ducked down behind a box. She looked only a few years older than Brenna herself but stood proud, as if she had gained the strength of character that age brings. Some of her clothing was masculine; khaki trousers with numerous pockets, a few looking like they held weapons. Her top though was tight fitting, black, with an emblem Brenna had seen on the packages, and in her dream. The emblem of Gelapterang. A dark black prism on grey with a blue light shooting from its pinnacle. A light that blinded her in her dreams.
     The woman also wore a thick jacket for warmth. Now the doors were open Brenna could feel it was the coldest of the planets they’d been to. She’d always headed down to the bay to smell the air; this smelt close to freezing.
     One of the crew joined the woman now and Brenna didn’t need to strain to hear them. ‘As I said when I called you here, my scanner has detected two lifeforms you did not authorise with us first.’
     ‘Impossible,’ shouted the Captain. The woman had not raised her voice but her tone obviously threatened him.
     ‘Look,’ she held the scanner out to him to take.
     ‘But these heartbeats overlap, are you sure this is even working, this indicates nothing of their location. If we’ve not found anyone in all our months how do you expect us to locate them before we leave?’
      She leaned in to him, pulling her scanner back into her hand, ‘I don’t expect you to leave, until they’ve been found. We do not accept migrants here – you know why.’
     Everyone in the galaxy knew why. Brenna remembered her muma telling her about the land that stopped. The year of her own birth Gelapterang had plunged into darkness and its High Priestess Irena had declared the “End of the Beginning”. It was prophesied that when the darkness transformed back to light that the light would burn everything on the planet to start again. Irena had decreed that only an alterwalda could start this destruction. She made a potion that anyone wishing to enter Gelapterang must take. It had been designed to kill the one who would be responsible for the apocalypse. Rumours came back that it killed three people who tried to enter from three different planets, though others had survived and were allowed to stay. People stopped trying, fearing their demise. If three people had died the potion must be flawed. And after all what was there on Gelapterang that would send people there.
     ‘They have nothing we don’t have,’ Brenna’s numa had told her, ‘And we have light, and each other, which is most important of all.’
     When her numa died the dreams started.
‘Call your crew down here now,’ the woman took charge. ‘Tell them to search everywhere on their way to us. We will start here.’
     Brenna’s heartbeats began to race, both of them. She couldn’t risk drinking that poisoned potion. She stayed still as the air had been, hoping the rushing blood and pounding in her body was only audible within her and not externally. She focused on her breath, taking it down into her and prayed for an opportunity to escape.
     Thankful she was on the edge of the bay and hidden for now she realised that she would be visible to anyone who entered via the seventh stairway. One of the crew searching would come that way, and they’d see her if she wasn’t found before, by either the Captain or the woman. She had to move.
The night numa died Brenna wept until she slept, her muma doing the same, which was the custom of their people. Her muma fell asleep before she did, she could tell because their embrace loosened. The men left them be, so Brenna had wept until she ran out of tears then closed her sore, dry eyes and fallen asleep into darkness. Not the darkness of a night on Haleron but the blackness of ink mixed with mud and stirred with tar. Two blurred but clearly female faces appeared above her, then a small round face appeared below. A child’s face.
Synopsis of Tetrana
Gelapterang is a planet which has been in the grip of darkness for seventeen years. The High Priestess Irena declared that an alterwalda would bring the light that would destroy everything. That a new world would begin but that no-one would survive to see it.
A pregnant stowaway lands on the planet and is taken under the wing of Maeve, the person who should deliver her to Irena.
Is Brenna the one that will bring the light?
Pinterest Board – Tetrana Novel Inspirations
This board contains images of how I picture some of the characters, clothing, etc.
Further examples of my writing – Training Time
In my application I also mention the novel series Training Time I have also started drafting – below are a couple of links from this blog where I discuss this project. I used it as the inspiration for the Blogging A-Z challenge in 2012.
And just for fun, in one of my recent blog posts I shared a Harry Potter Fandom inspired poem – Dangling Anglia.
Thank you for considering my application.

Please share your thoughts with me!

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