Extract from the short story – Comerealot
Why did it have to be me that King Arfer Brain chose to rescue his fair Lady?

Here I am, lost in the forest depths of Comerealot. I am wounded. My pride has ridden off along with my horse and my place in the Knights of the Somewhat Oblong Table must be under threat.

Let me tell you how I came to be here.

I was born in Comerealot, but sadly I lost my parents in a freak boating accident (My dad did tell my mum we needed a bigger boat, she always packed too much). I was adopted by the Lady of Lakeland Catalogue who helped me make my way in this land by advertising SwordShine cleaner and GrassStainBeGone.

Find out what happens when the hero of our story enters Knight Idol and the perilous task King Arfur Brain has in store for him. Go to the short story page

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