Trigger Injection Tonight

Went in for my scan this morning and I have one follicle at 22mm (20mm Friday) and 1 at 16mm (14mm Friday). Even have a sneaky one at 6mm (not that that’s going to do anything). Lining is up to 9.3mm and oestrogen levels up to just over 900 (as of Friday bloods!). Ideally I think they should be 1000 but have had some more blood today and was given the option to go ahead or to cancel. At this question I burst into tears… and I was doing so well at holding things together.

As my response to the maximum dose stimulation has not been that great it’s hard to know if I would respond worse or slightly better on a future cycle. My age and my AMH are not really on my side and I am only really ever going to be looking at 2-3 eggs on a cycle of stimulation.

Things are indicating hopefully the presence of one egg and it could be that there is two. We won’t know until I go ahead.

So I’m going for it. For full IVF. I think I will always regret it if I don’t.

Tonight (Monday) I take my last doses of Busceralin and Merional as usual and then my trigger shot of Ovitrelle at 23.30.

Tomorrow no jabs required just a relaxing day.

Wednesday will be the day of egg collection so nothing to eat or drink from midnight and an early trip up to London with huge thanks to my parents for accompanying me.

General Anaesthetic and a long needle later and when I wake up they should be able to tell me how many eggs were successfully collected. 2, 1 or 0.

Whatever the outcome, the benefit of going ahead is that I will have more information. They will be able to look at the quality of any eggs collected and also determine if they fertilise when the sperm is led into a Petri dish to say hello.

I’ll check back in at some point on Wednesday. Still more stages to go (I hope). If you are following my journey thank you. It’s an ongoing one, full of uncertainty that I don’t think will be over until you are holding a baby. Then the fun would begin!!


Smiley uterus – sad left ovary – #IVF Update

Not huge amounts to report today – have had 2 days of drugs at the different levels.

According to my scan it looked liked my uterus had a big grin so hoping this is a good sign.

Left ovary still a grump who is doing nothing.

Right ovary follicle progress:

The leading one that was 16.5mm is up to 20mm so that’s where they’d like it to be.

The one that was 10mm was up to 14mm and ideally they’d like to see if it can go a bit further.

Wednesdays bloods were borderline. Indicating possibly one egg. They’ve been done again today.

Womb Lining is up from 7.3mm to 8.3mm so that’s good.

Having two more days of Merional ordered so they should be delivered tomorrow (Saturday) so instead of finishing Saturday will def have another dose of both Sunday and possibly Monday too.

Back for another scan on Monday at 10am where a decision will be made. Consultant will actually be around so will be able to speak to him. If I can progress to egg collection that would likely happen Wednesday. But it’s still a waiting game and could go either way.

Looks like some tidying distraction is on the cards for the weekend.

I just want to do a shout out to all my family/friends for their practical support and to everyone who has sent me well wishes. I’m lucky to have some fabulous people around me. Thanks all.

#TheAwakened by Julian Cheek – Blog Tour Book Extract


My name is Sam. I am nothing special but apparently if I don’t wake up, both this world and that other one will be destroyed. Nice One! All I wanted was to disappear into my own world and be left alone. But, No! Even THAT was taken away from me.

Well just wait. You want me to fight? I’ll show you “fight.”

You took the most important thing in my life away from me, and now I am coming for you.

Hidden away in your mountain stronghold, even the rocks around you will not stop me getting to you.

You started this war.

I am going to finish it!

Seventeen year old Sam just wants to be left alone!

He has enough to cope with in his invisible, suburban, existence without having some fantastic and, frankly, unasked-for, alternate reality drop into his life asserting that he has powers beyond his wildest dreams. And that unless he does something, both his world, and that of Muanga-Atua, will come to a horrible end.

A terrifying episode one blustery night may be enough to start to erode the impregnable shell he thought he had built up around himself. A shell, not to keep others out, but to keep the rage in. Could he afford, as was the norm now, just to do nothing?

About the Author

Living  in  Petersfield,  Hampshire,  Julian  Cheek  has  worked  for  over  thirty  years  as  an  architect          working  on  several  major  projects  including  Mercedes  World,  a  competition  for  Battersea  Power  Station,  NikeTown  and  most  recently  a  high  rise,  Versace  branded  residential  building  in  London.  When  not  designing  he  is  embracing  his  other  creative  interests,  writing.  His  first  book,  You  should  not  wake  a  hibernating  Puff-Adder  (2011)  was  a  series  of  short  stories  inspired  by  his  childhood  growing  up  in  South  Africa.






After a short while, he pushed past the last of the branches and came across the source of the noise. A pond lay in front of him, surrounded by moss-covered, shiny stones and pebbles, haphazardly strewn around and disappearing into the water. A small waterfall bounced over the rocks above him, landing into the pond in front, casting ripples into the mirror of the water, reflecting its surroundings. He felt the soft spray on his face and hands as it glistened in the air around him, slowly painting him in a sheen to match the surrounding area. He knelt down, reaching his hands out into the water, sensing its coldness as his fingers dipped into the liquid. And cupping his hands, he drew a few eager mouthfuls into his mouth. The silence of the surroundings now eased by the subtle sounds of the falling water and droplets from the surrounding fronds falling into the water’s edge.

As he was drinking, he sensed, rather than heard, a subtle disturbance in his immediate environment. For some reason he felt the hairs on the back of his neck start to lift and a feeling of danger began to weave itself into his mind. There were no apparent changes to the noises around him, no shadows casting strange shapes into his field of view, but something was not right. Something was here, he was sure of it. And that “something” was not wanting to announce itself! He slowly lifted his gaze up from the water’s edge, scanning the surroundings, searching for a clue to his sense of danger, but nothing was there. The branches of the trees still bent down to touch the water’s edge, the moss and ferns lay quiet opposite him, the water still bubbled down the rock face above him, landing into the water. There was nothing obvious about his surroundings that advertised danger. I must be imagining things, Sam thought. The quietness is starting to get to me. His gaze fell back to the reflections on the water, seeing the tree line, the pebbles just below the surface. But something didn’t gel, and his brain made his eyes focus on the surface. Focus on the surface of the water just in front of him. Focus on the reflections on the water just in front of him. And looking back, coming into view, now that his brain, like a radar, had picked up its target, was the shape of an animal. Small, furry, sleek bodied, a long sweeping tail brushing the grasses, talons gripping the rock face. Large eyes, looking straight down at him.

Straight down at me!… With a shock, Sam sprang back defensively as he realised that this creature had crept up behind him and was even now above him on the rock face of the mini waterfall, intent on getting closer without him knowing.


His world exploded as a scream powered out of his mouth, and instinctively he jumped up, grasping a rock in his hands, and throwing it in the direction of where he thought the animal was, all the while screaming out in shock, hoping to scare this “thing” as far away as possible. Arms flailing and legs kicking out instinctively, Sam shouted and cursed in pure, adrenaline-induced terror.


No noise, no scrabbling, no whimpering. Nothing. Whatever it was, Sam thought, had been scared away by his antics and probably long since disappeared down the hole it had scraped itself out of in the first place. His breathing calmed down a notch and he allowed himself a brief grin, thinking he had scared off whatever terror that “thing” was. He cracked out the tension from his shoulders, which had been building up whilst at the pool, and again turned towards the water, as if to seek some release there.

On the opposite side of the pond, sitting calmly and serenely on its haunches, and not more than two metres from him, the “creature from hell” gazed across as if, for all the world, this screaming banshee, that had been Sam, was a common occurrence here. Its eyes were intelligently gauging Sam’s next movements. A thin tongue snaked out, licking its ears, and those big eyes fixed Sam with steely gaze… and then it smiled!

By smiling, its mouth opened, and the most lethal looking row of sharpened, death-dealing fangs shone out from the dark pit of its mouth………

If that’s what your appetite do pick up a copy and check out the other stops on the blog tour

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