Spellstoppers by Cat Gray – Blog Tour Book Review

About the Book

Welcome to Yowling – a secretive seaside village where magic is just one step away…

Max has spent years thinking he is cursed, because whenever he touches anything electrical it explodes. But then he is sent to Yowling and discovers he is a Spellstopper, someone with the rare ability to drain dangerous build-ups of magic and fix misbehaving enchanted items.

When Max’s Grandad is kidnapped by the cruel Keeper of the malfunctioning magical castle that floats in the bay, only Max’s gift can save him. Together with his new friend Kit, Max throws himself into an adventure filled with villainous owls, psychic ice cream and man-eating goldfish. But can he really pull off the biggest spellstop ever?

About the Author

Cat Gray is an author and journalist, based in London and Ireland. She started her journalism career at the age of 19, interviewing musicians and celebrities in between attending classes, then went on to be an editor at a series of glossy magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country.

Since she was very young, she’s always believed that there’s an adventure just around the corner, and this is reflected in her magical fantasy stories. Spellstoppers is her first book.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/_catgray
Instagram: http://instagram.com/cat.gray


What I Thought

Classic middle grade adventure with young Max not fitting into the everyday world because of an unfortunate ability to kill anything electrical. His exasperated mother sends him to live with her estranged father where Max finds out that magic exists, and that he has the power to stop it. And soon those newly realised abilities are put to the ultimate test. 

Max’s grandfather Bram and his assistant Kit are joined by the unusual inhabitants of Yowling including the not so nice owls (think Hitchcock’s The Birds) and the really not nice Keeper of the mysterious and ailing castle, Leandra (who gave me Madam Mim vibes). 

Full of both hideous and mouthwatering food, and animal companions with unusual names – children are going to love this story of learning how to harness what you’ve been taught to fear. 

If you are a fan of The Apprentice Witch or The Hedge Witch I think you’ll enjoy this just as I did. 

Cat Gray has written a pacy story set in a sleepy seaside town and with a main character you can’t help but like. 

Thanks to Blue at Kaleidoscopic Tours and the publishers for the gifted copy for the purposes of an honest review. Check out the rest of the tour stops for more insights.

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