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Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 31 Jan 31 2011)

I’ve had to remind my mind
to be mindful, to be mindful.
I’m not sure that amongst
the mind games and mind
numbing routine that I
have always kept this in mind.
In February my challenge
is to read and escape
from the world because
paying attention to mine
might blow my mind.

Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 30 Jan 30 2011)

My day started fighting an invisible foe
Then I fought to stay awake and failed
I battled piles of laundry and dishes
With help from machines I surged ahead
Until next Sunday when the war starts again.

Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 29 Jan 29 2011)

Love Idol

He will be one:
Who’ll comb my hair
Wipe my tears
Hug me to halt
My shakes of
Anger, frustration and fear.
Sure we’ll fight
And his words may sting
But he’ll kiss them away
For ever and a day.

Now, how do I find him?

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