Monthly Archives: January 2011

Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 28 Jan 28 2011)

It begins with a tingle
then an irritating itch,
the pressure builds
and layers
of force.
In some this is expelled
in one large gust of air,
but in me it comes in
tiny jets, just like the
puffs of air from the
glaucoma test machine.
My sneezes leave
me exhausted.

Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 27 Jan 27 2011)

Paper Monsters
OT education
Or adult play?
You decide
Analyse away!

Kirsty's River of Stones (aros) (Day 26 Jan 26 2011)

Asking for time out

without time out

in which to ask.

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