#Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Posted on April 17, 2011, in Silent Sunday and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. I hope you’re going to post a pic of the seedlings when they grow 🙂

  2. Hope you have boys as i guess they would love to grow a rocket.
    My attempt is at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  3. So far so good! Great photo pose.

  4. Ooh rocket is one of my absolute favourite salad leaves!

  5. I used to have some of those fridge magnets- love them!

  6. ‘I want you to milk my eggs’??!!

    Sorry, I love looking at backgrounds in photos!!

    • That was part of the photo. Stacey spelt it out on my fridge last night and then started giggling hysterically at herself! We’re concerned she doesn’t get out much 😉

  7. Hee hee I’m still laughing about it now – trying not to wake people up!

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