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Radioactive Iodine treatment for overactive thyroid

I had my Radioactive iodine treatment last Wed.

First thing to say is I don’t feel radioactive (which is maybe not such a good thing with my memory! Keep forgetting to avoid my sister (she does too).

Got a bit tearful (i.e. burst into tears as soon as I got into the treatment room) but the ladies doing it were lovely and comforted me.

You go to the Nuclear Medicine department and are allowed to eat and drink normally before the treatment. They do a ‘dummy run’ where they show you that they won’t be touching the capsule, thank you very much, but sliding it down a plastic tube from the plastic container into your mouth.

They make sure you aren’t pregnant (and you have to sign to say you aren’t) then you take the capsule with a glass of water but are advised not to eat or drink for an hour after but then to ‘go for it’, especially with the drink after.

Then for 2 weeks I’m meant to stay a metre away from all people and then for another 10 days on top of that to stay away from children under 5 and pregnant women.

You have to double flush the toilet and carry round a yellow card with you until the last date shown on it (and if you travel abroad for 3 months take the yellow card in case you set the alarms off).

As for side effects – the main one is the neck ache which isn’t too bad but if you seem to have picked up a cold (which I think is non treatment related) sneezing spasms make it hurt a bit more.

Also I had to come of the tablets for a week before so think I may have been creeping overactive again (and might be a little more that way until the iodine takes affect).

That’s about it – hope that might be useful for others that may have to have this done in future.

Me crossing the stage

I was so concerned that I was clapping for everyone else that as I was crossing the stage I clapped myself, then realised and mouthed why am I clapping myself to the Pro Vice Chancellor – she laughed with me and said I was allowed too (I felt like a bit of an idiot but laughing about it).

My Favourite Graduation pic

One of the only pictures where I am not closing my eyes. Had ... on Twitpic

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