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Poem accepted

A poem I wrote for the Open University course A363 has just been accepted at Every Day Poets ( – not sure when it is being published. Had to make a slight adjustment for them so now is a slight twist on the Villanelle form. The title is The Gradual Loss of Me so look out for it.

At the same time had a rejection for another poem I wrote in repsonse to a a challenge on Slingink – think I may try elsewhere though because I like it. It was in response to a news story about Woodstock – may have been in more luck if I’d written in earlier. Ah wel – acception/rejection – keeps me all level headed.

Eurofiction has started

Eurofiction has now started.

Eeeek. I’m not sure what the contestants are worried about they don’t have 25 stories (at the last count) to read and judge and comment on.

Looking forward to it really – love to read and critique so should be good.

Buffy vs. Edward

One of my fellow slinginkers posted this on his blog ( ) .I hope he doesn’t mind if I follow suit.

Loved it – girl power!

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