#40MoreBks – Annual Reading Challenge

In 2018 my school friends and I all turned 40 and 4 of us set up a reading challenge called #40yrs40bks – you can read more about that here.

Well we’ve decided to make this an annual challenge from 2019 using the hashtag #40MoreBks and we’d love for you to join in. Use the hashtag on instagram and twitter and do follow us.

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Below please find the challenge image and full prompts and here’s a Dropbox link to a spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your challenge.

Happy Reading


1. Something Puntastic – title is a pun/play or words – or a comedy book

2. Purple Reign – my fave colour. Pick a book with purple on the cover, in the title or a book featuring royalty

3. Book about Books – I love books about or featuring books, book lovers or writers so this is for those of you who do too

4. Moon, Sun or Stars – in honour of the frequent Jason Momoa spottings at YALC last year read a book with Moon, Sun or Stars in the title or pictured on the cover (or one of your books that is damaged because JASON MOMOA RIPS PAGES OUT OF BOOKS FOR FUN)

5. Here and Now – I named this category of the Epic Reads awards. For the challenge it just asks you to read a novel set in contemporary times.

6. Be Brave – read a horror or about something you’d be scared to do

7. Map it out – read a book with a map or set in a destination you’ve loved/would love to visit

8. I swear – a book featuring an oath of some sort (this also honours the song my dad yelled at me about for listening to on repeat)

9. Jump Aboard – books featuring journeys (on spaceships, trains, road trips etc)

10. Back Again – to quote Dumbledore when Harry returns to the Mirror or Erised read a sequel to a book you read last year


11. Pardonnez Moi? A book translated from another language

12. The Neverending story Read a book with over 600 pages

13. Your Daily Brief Read a book with under 200 pages

14. Sing a Song Read a book which features music or musicians prominently

15. Got Your Number A book with a number in the title

16. Steamy Windows A bonk-buster (or similar)

17. It’s History or a Mystery! Read an historical fiction book or a Mystery – bonus point if it is both!

18. Feminine Stealth Read a book written by a woman, but released under a man’s name

19. It’s Not All About Stories Read a non-fiction book on a subject of your choice

20. Asking for a Friend Kirsty asks Stacey, Stacey asks Jay, Jay asks Catherine and Catherine asks Kirsty for a recommendation and each commits to reading it. (Ask a random friend if not in our group!)


21. How Graphic 🙈 – a book with pictures

22. A local book for local people – a book set locally, or by a local author

23. Name twins! – a book with a character or author who shares your name. (Or initials if you have an unusual name)

24. I can see a rainbow 🌈 – a book with a colourful cover or featuring an LGBTQIA+ character

25. Every day’s a school day – a book that teaches you something

26. Getting on a bit – a book that’s old, or with a main character or by an author who is over 70

27. Monstrous – a book with a (human or actual) monster in, or just a big weighty tome!

28. Burn the patriarchy! – a book with a female author AND a female protagonist

29. PLOT TWIST! – a book featuring one or more of these

30. You’re HOW old?! – a book published in the decade you were born


31. #Hashtagged A book in which social media features (title, plot device, narrative mechanic)

32. Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 A book that features a colour in the title

33. Not Your Label A book featuring a mental health illness

34. Lions & tigers & bears, oh my! 🦁 🐯 🐻 A book with an animal on the cover

35. Succinct A single word title

36. Represent! Read a book containing a protagonist or by an author in a minority group

37. Never had a friend like me Read a book containing a character you have loved before

38. !?!? A title containing punctuation

39. Symbolic A book with a symbol on the cover

40. Treat yo’self Reread a book you love

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