Found Poems

Found Poems

Photocopy a page of a book or magazine and create your poem artistically on the page.

I graciously acknowledge my source material – Brave New World and Night and Day magazine.

I was introduced to this technique on an Open University Creative Writing course and I love it – great for days when you have writer’s block or for if you think you can’t do poetry!

  1. This is a great tip, and one I shall plunder for the next impromptu creative writing group I run- thank you! Now, I wonder if my Big Girl would like to help mummy find a poem….

  2. I love this idea Kirsty. I saw something similar that had been done with paintings in an exhibition in Edinburgh but never thought of doing poetry! A tutor on a course I did has written found poems based on talks he had with prison inmates when he was a poet in residence. I have started writing found poems based on my elderly parents’ memories of WW2.

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