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Listography – My 5 Goals for April

This week’s listography is to consider some short term goals for April

I’m going to try and make this quite a short post too.






1. To make it through this month’s A to Z blogging challenge. I’ve managed to get a couple of days ahead (thanks holiday) and am hoping to build up more of a head start over the next few days.

2. To draw something (and I don’t just mean on the app Draw Something ;o)) – this links in with no 1 because two posts I have ideas for require me to try and exercise my limited drawing skills.

3.To give my World Book Night books (Good Omens) to non/light readers. Today in fact I have arranged to do this with my local adult education centre so will be attending a couple of classes on 23rd April. Ideally I need to read the book again to be able to talk about it confidently.

4. To read my ARC of Insurgent (see previous post) when it arrives so that I can help my faction to ‘review-blogging’ success in the first week of May.

5. To finalise my travel arrangements for the COT conference in Glasgow (currently I have none booked though I have registered for the conference and have sorted accommodation – there’s lots of us staying in the same place so I’m looking forward to the event). I should start working more on my conference sessions too.

Listography – Top 5 Mugs

Kate over at Kate Takes 5 has challenged us this week to take snaps of mugs (I’m assuming our ‘top’ 5). She doesn’t think she will get many sign ups this week but when I saw this one I was looking forward to it – for one mug in particular – so I’m going to do my list in reverse order today. Ps. Mugs in my house aren’t just for drinking from.

5. Big Mug Trio

These huge mugs are not used for drinking but for scoffing from, things like ice-cream, angel delight, melted chocolate (they are fully microwaveable), crisps, cereal etc fit in these perfectly. As an OT, the green one is my fave.

4. Tall Tigger Mug

The wonderful thing about this Tigger Mug is that it is tall but not too wide so perfect when you want just a little bit more tea than a normal mug allows for.

3. The Truth is GHDs rock and deserve their own mug!!

I have two X-Files mugs from my ‘mad about the X-Files’ stage (I still love it but it’s not on anymore) – one is on what I like to call (nod to Miranda) ‘general rotation’ for regular drinkage the other is home to my GHD straighteners – the best tools a girl could have, but also the hottest so using a mug to hold them works on a safety level.

2. My ‘Go To’ Chunky Spotty Mug

I don’t really know what is so special about this mug but it is my go to mug, especially for hot chocolate. It’s nice and chunky so gives you a little more of what you like. I don’t know why but I seem to feel a little possessive of this mug in particular getting a bit fidgety when someone else uses it.

In fact I decided on snapping this mug to try myself a little hot drink experiment – Chai tea with Galaxy Hot Chocolate – success.

1. Frog in a Mug

La ‘pièce de résistance’ mug that made me even more determined to take part in this listography. It’s actually really quite small and I don’t actually use it anymore but it is soooo cool. This was a mug given to me when I was a kid – I was supposedly so petrified of it after the first use of this that I would cry when I saw it. The trick to this mug is – fill with a dark liquid to cover the ceramic frog inside – give to an unsuspecting child to drink from – get ready to catch the mug (I’m shocked it is still in one piece actually) and then comfort child.

On an unrelated note I can’t wait to have children!

Listography – Top 5 Tip for Bloggers

Now I missed this a while back but still wanted to join in.

1. Add moderation but remove word verification

Kate had the latter advice on hers and I’d reiterate that I’m really not keen on word verification because half the time it doesn’t work (especially on mobile devices) and half the time I can’t actually read the blimmin’ word so I end up giving up on commenting. I know it is one way to reduce spam but here on WordPress if you use the spam filter Askimet it picks most of it up for you (It’s sometimes quite funny to read though). You can also add moderation so you have to approve all posts before they are visible – which leads me onto…

2. Try to reply to comments

I find that if I have to ‘approve’ a comment then I am more likely to then respond to it otherwise I’d probably miss it (like I’m doing with Tumblr because their comments system isn’t as straightforward). This my regular commenters is why I haven’t added the option to remove need for moderation once you’ve been approved. Nothing to do with trust and being worried what you might post ;o)

I think it’s only polite to write back when someone has taken the time to comment. Now there are lots of sites giving advice to then go and respond on the commenter’s blog – now of course this is nice  when you find something you are interested in but I personally don’t feel that this should be a rule, especially when there are so many blogs and so little time but also sometimes we don’t always have the same interests. Yes, that means that if I comment on your blog you can ignore mine. Also don’t feel like you then have to comment forever more on every post. Sometimes (who am I kidding a lot of the time) I write rubbish so ignore that.

3. Write whatever you want to write

Now my blog is eclectic, as I am, so I use it to write about whatever takes my fancy. That doesn’t mean that I dislike blogs that are subject driven, actually they are often really useful, but I think sometimes people worry too much about going ‘off topic’ – don’t make apologies for it just do it. Also I like seeing a bit about the person behind the blog. But then again this may be just me and this comes from someone who isn’t too bothered about readership and alienating people – others may have different opinions.

4. Don’t worry about taking blog breaks

I am so not saying I never worry about this but I think that’s because when I actually blog I enjoy it but I think sometimes life gets in the way or we need a break or we have nothing to say. Sometimes I get a little frustrated by random I’m still here but I’m not here posts (I’m sure I’ve done them too though). And this leads me on to my final point which others have also said…

5. Link to social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or other places you hang out)

Probably people that follow your blog will connect with you elsewhere so if you do take one of those blog breaks mentioned above then if you have your blog linked to your other social media sites people that are interested will be able to pick it up (and to be honest those that really are interested will subscribe in some way, by RSS, Readers, e-mail etc so make sure you have those options available for them).

One little word of caution/nitpickiness (ooh I’m being all irritable at the moment aren’t I?) – try not to bombard your followers on social media with these links – try and work out if you are double posting why and maybe remove one if they are definitely just both going to the same place and on twitter please don’t post it on the hour every hour, I’m sure judiciously timed posts perhaps 3 times a day max might be sufficient. Again I’ve probably done this at some point and occasionally do try to repost a link if I think it is ever so important (or I forgot a hashtag) but please tell me if I’ve gone overboard.

Above all enjoy it – if it is painful to blog it isn’t worth it.


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