Z is for… (#atozchallenge) – Calling you all to comment!

Z is for…



Inner Love


If you have arrived here at my request for lots of commenters on today’s post then thank you and welcome. Today is the final day of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge April 2011, which has been both fun and a lot of hard work. I’ve decided today to go short and pass the hard work to you all.


Now I mentioned this Z word back in one of my posts on the Southern Screen Writing Festival as Lucy V Hay had suggested that there are things she calls Zeitgeist scripts where there appears to be an influx of scripts on a particular topic with no particular reason for it. It was also likened to the hive mind.


Now according to Wikipedia (you can follow the link to this page by clicking on the red zeitgeist and this is not an academic essay so I’m referencing Wikipedia with impunity):


Zeitgesit is “the spirit of the times” or “the spirit of the age.” Zeitgeist is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiance, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era.


So friends, readers, collective conscious or hive mind (apply your preferred term) what I would like you to do is to comment responding to the following (even though this is writing related you don’t have to be a writer to take part and I’d love everyone who stops by to do this):


If you were to write a short story today what would it be about? Give it a title and briefly describe the plot, the theme, the main characters and anything else you feel is important.


That’s it – that’s all I want you to do but what I’m not going to do is release the comments (at least not straight away). I’m going to keep plugging this post until next Saturday and would love all of you to share this with your friends (feel free to use the share button below). Then next Saturday please come back for the big reveal when all of your lovely comments will go live and we can check what the spirit of these times is.


Thanks for reading – A-Z challenge over and out!


Paradise Bridge

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  1. Well, I have written a short story today, sooooo, without giving too much away. It’s probably going to be called ‘In a Flash’, and it’s the usual a hint of horror/sci-fi type of thing I tend to write these days and things don’t end happily.

    Not a whiff of weddings and royalty in sight!

  2. Something about monster slayers. I am THAT tired of vampire books and movies…

  3. That’s a tall order for my frazzled brain 🙂

    I used to enjoy re-writing fairy tales when I was a kid. Think if I was going to write a short story I would pick up where one of the childhood left off (but in modern times). Aladdin comes to mind. Using characters from original story would look at how Aladdin and Jasmine’s marriage works when they come from different backgrounds: potentially different social norms, values, skills, interests… what sorts of jobs they would do.. I don’t know really, that’s all I can think of XD Needless to say, I don’t write short stories.

  4. As you know, my creativeness is not great at the moment, but I would probably write about crime, probably based around the 1930s and the story would focus on a really enigmatic couple – perhaps they solve crimes together? Can’t really give you a title either o hope this is not too vague for you!

  5. What a cool idea! But I don’t want to give too much away, the story isn’t finished, and I have hopes of submitting it. It’s set in the future, it has to do with the medical profession, a future world-wide economic crisis, and the love between fathers and sons. (Normally I do flash fiction with a twist, this will be my first ‘long’ short story.)

  6. Either you monitor comments or I am first. Either way, Yay! we did it, congratulations on completing the challenge!

    • Hi Rhonda,

      You were hidden in my spam. Yes monitoring posts for this one because of the challenge I’ve set in it. All set to be released on Saturday.
      Well done for completing the challenge too.

  7. Aarrgghhh I have been thinking for 2 days straight on this! And still haven’t come up with anything half decent. But my story would be about Jennifer and Brody, who meet in a case of mistaken identity. He is pathologically shy and waiting for an Internet date, she is some sort of spy/investigator (not quite worked this bit out) who is on the run for her life cos of something she knows. They go on the run together, predictably falling in love after a series of near death experiences and light comedy moments.
    Not got a title. Don’t know where I got Jennifer and Brody from either!

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