Very brief NaNoWriMo Update (OK not as brief as I'd initially planned!)

I’ve not been on here much because I’ve been embarrassed about my non progress in NaNoWriMo. As of the end of today my Word Count is 31010. [Validated through the site at 31027!]So I’ve got 18990 words to write this weekend (I need to finish ideally by Sunday night because otherwise work get in the way). Splitting this makes the task 9495 words each day.

I kind of already feel like a winner because I’ve already written about 10 times more than on my previous attempts (I’ve been signed up since 2004) and more on one thing than ever before (and this has been while on holiday, at work, while ill etc).

But I am doing this for charity, I do have sponsors who have paid up so I will succeed, I need to. Please send me your good luck and non procrastinating vibes (the kitchen is cleaner today than it has been in a while).

I have noted some glaring errors while I was combining all my files into one for validation, mainly an immediate tense change – but do you know what I’m not going to do anything about that until I’ve finished.

And pretty please if I do make it please consider adding to my sponsorship.

And then keep nagging me from time to time to check that I haven’t just left the story in a file on my hard drive and done nothing with it. That would be a waste.

(Ps. Though I haven’t used my free Scrivener Beta for Windows it looks really good and I will be having a play next week before the licence expires. If I ‘win’ and get a 50000 word novel validated I can get Scrivener for Windows in Jan I think for 50% off. And you can get a free copy of your novel through CreateSpace and not to mention the cool web badges saying winner, the t-shirts, etc. and the real badge from my No Plot, No Problem Novel Writing Kit that says Novelist.)

Finally a huge well done to my fellow NaNoers who have crossed the finish line, validated and gone purple with winner and good luck to the rest of them still waiting to cross that elusive finish line.

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