Monthly Archives: November 2010

NaNoWriMo update

Brief update on progress so far:

Day 1 – beat daily target of 1667 words with 1698

Day 2 – life got in the way – 0 words

Day 3 – Day 14 – Will make most of being away from work and will try to stay away from internet, faceboook and twitter. May add occasional updates on word total.

Day 15-30 – will try and balance life and writing with work and hope I’ve managed to get ahead in the previous days.

On the plus side I am happy with my story

I also have some brief character outlines.

Have been asked some questions on the hot seating forum which I have noted down (not had time to answer but the answers will be integrated into the story).

Have a series of 30+ sentence starters/scene ideas.

Have enthusiasm to write this.

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