Magic Shoes and Moondial

Going for a bit of nostalgia with the Clarks Magic Steps advert ( I wanted these but never got them) and the first part of Moondial (when can I get this on DVD please?)

Who remembers these and more importantly did anyone eveer have a pair of the shoes and were they really as cool as I think they would have been?

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  1. Your magic steps advert isn’t there any more! They really were special shoes…

    And I think I remember Moondial – loved it if it’s the series I’m thinking of but haven’t been able to remember title for years. Did it have the girl with the birthmark who the children kept calling a witch?

    • Oh no! Does that mean it’s gone from You Tube? I will try and re-source. Still can’t believe you had a pair. Amazing, do you have any pictures of you in them?

      Yup Moondial is that one. I watched it in parts on YT, not quite as scary as I remember. Still cool though.

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