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Whittaker Round 5-7 and Slingink

Well, what can I say. Started a story for Round 5 of Whittaker and didn’t finish it. Wrote a poem that I quite liked and it got disqualified because it was over the line limit (doh – hint double check the rules, people!).

But for Round 6 I managed both a story and a poem – last minute as usual so fully expecting to do fantastically well!!

Now we are on round 7 (of 9) and I have decided that I will use the picture prompt for both rounds – you can see the picture that will inspire me here. Freaky, huh. Let’s hope I can do it justice.

Been busy on Slingink processing new registrations to the site and entries to our competitions – Slingink Shorts (now closed) and The Slingink Prize (closes July 31st).

Also hoping to start receiving submissions to the e-zine I’m hoping to launch on my birthday in August so please check out the Submission Guidelines.

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Round 4 and oops

Well, I didn’t do very well with ScriptFrenzy. After my initial mad bank holiday writing dash everything went quiet. Work and life and getting ill got in the way. Going to keep working on the Script anyway, then turn it back into a novel after. I am reducing my hours at work over the summer so hopefully that will give me both the creative head space plus the actual time to do a bit more writing.
My Round 4 poem is submitted (did rubbish with round 3 one). Part way through a story so not sure if that will get done by tonight.

Not on the topic of writing. I scratched my new car this week. Sniff. Gutted and very angry with myself. Looking at a few hundred to fix that. Also have bronchitis for the bank holiday weekend so feeling a bit sorry for myself. But, on the plus side, 3 day week next week and going to see Wendy Cope read her poetry on Monday.

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