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On the Eve of #NaNoWriMo – A #NaNoWarmUp stock check

With less than an hour to go until November the 1st 2013 I am in a calm state of panic (conclude denial) about the impending NaNoWriMo challenge.

For the past two years, since my first ‘win’ in 2010 I’ve got no further than 25,000 – one year only 10,000.

Any words better than no words, right?

I used Octobers #NaNoWarmUp to edit the 60,000 words of Training Time into first person. Things were going excellently and I hit the 25,000 word target (I re-typed out each and every word – no copying and pasting) on 18th October. Then I got the flu and it has stuck with me so I added no additional words. My total for the month was 30333 with 36193 now in first person (or at least I hope it is). Huge thanks to Kat and Savannah for organising – I’m further than I would have been without you.

But I’m committed to going with my new project Tetrana for November so December will have to be another Training Time editing month.

The only preparation I have made for Tetrana this year is to set up my Scrivener file, name the three main characters and today I started a Pinterest Inspirations board.

Now all that’s left to do is actually work out what Irena, Maeve and Brenna are going to do with themselves for 50000+ words!!

I’ll leave you with my rubbishly drawn cover and good luck for your own attempts.




So, on the 11th September, I had one of those, what-I-like-to-call, waking dreams. Not a dream when I’m awake, but the kind you get when you are just waking up, and that you manage to hold onto. Yes, it’s a mishmash of images and ideas, but there’s a hope it could be more. So once again I have decided to attempt NaNoWriMo. For those of you that aren’t sure what this is – it is basically a mad challenge to try and write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November.

Now with a memory as poor as mine I sometimes wonder if I’ve heard or read my story ideas somewhere before, so I’ve decided to try Grammarly’s plagiarism detector because I don’t want the big bucks I’m sure to earn to be snaffled away in copyright court. Good news – it doesn’t even recognise my title as a real word!

Now I have a slight problem – there’s a whole month until November, and I still have two NaNo Novels not yet completed.

That’s where #NaNoWarmUp comes in. Kat Zhang, author of What’s Left of Me and Once We Were (The Hybrid Chronicles), and Savannah Foley, the author of Nameless and a number of other YA fantasy books have decided to host a warm-up for the main event. So instead of 50,000 words, October’s challenge is 25,000 words in the month.

I will be continuing my first person rewrite of Training Time (because I didn’t get very far).

Now, I believe the pace for completing this is around 800 words per day (as opposed to the 1667 for NaNoWriMo). But, thanks to Nicole sharing this link with me, I can mix this up a bit because of Susanna’s Pacemaker V.09. I thought I’d try the random word count option – so one day I might be attempting to write near the NaNo target and the next 55 words! Here’s the link to my proposed schedule here or in the table below. I’ll also be updating the blog widget with my progress, or lack thereof.

Good Luck to all NaNoWarmUp participants.

Day Date Words to Complete Words Completed Words Left
1 10/01/2013 1,356 1,356 23,644
2 10/02/2013 274 1,630 23,370
3 10/03/2013 192 1,822 23,178
4 10/04/2013 1,219 3,041 21,959
5 10/05/2013 1,356 4,397 20,603
6 10/06/2013 1,055 5,452 19,548
7 10/07/2013 96 5,548 19,452
8 10/08/2013 1,329 6,877 18,123
9 10/09/2013 315 7,192 17,808
10 10/10/2013 1,205 8,397 16,603
11 10/11/2013 55 8,452 16,548
12 10/12/2013 1,151 9,603 15,397
13 10/13/2013 1,219 10,822 14,178
14 10/14/2013 1,137 11,959 13,041
15 10/15/2013 1,233 13,192 11,808
16 10/16/2013 1,137 14,329 10,671
17 10/17/2013 151 14,480 10,520
18 10/18/2013 1,068 15,548 9,452
19 10/19/2013 343 15,891 9,109
20 10/20/2013 288 16,179 8,821
21 10/21/2013 1,123 17,302 7,698
22 10/22/2013 261 17,563 7,437
23 10/23/2013 1,096 18,659 6,341
24 10/24/2013 1,301 19,960 5,040
25 10/25/2013 1,137 21,097 3,903
26 10/26/2013 329 21,426 3,574
27 10/27/2013 1,055 22,481 2,519
28 10/28/2013 178 22,659 2,341
29 10/29/2013 1,192 23,851 1,149
30 10/30/2013 124 23,975 1,025
31 10/31/2013 1,025 25,000 0

Thanks to Grammarly who provided me with a free software trial and who have sponsored this post – I always knew I was rubbish at commas!!


J is for… Journeyman and Joan of Arcadia #AtoZChallenge

J is for… Journeyman and Joan of Arcadia

Hi everyone – sorry for the delay of the J posts – I had a bit of a grump on but now I’ve had some time with my lovely sis and some chocolate I’m ready – going to try and do the K posts too.


Just the one season of 13 episodes of (in 2007). Kevin McKidd plays Dan Vasser a reporter who travels back in time to ‘right some aspect of wrong’. He jumps back (with only a few minutes warning) and forth to his present life and it shows the affect his extra curricular activity has on his relationships. He isn’t the only time traveller in the mix either. Like many of the shows I seem to like this one was cancelled too soon.

I think the main reason I liked this (other than Kevin McKidd) is that I am interested by Time Travel – so much so that the novels I am working on have time travel featured in them. It also reminded me of Quantum Leap (see my Q post) and Tru Calling (which I’m going to add to my T post).

As you can see I only have my homemade copy but I just found out it is being released on DVD on 29th April – here’s a sponsored link to Amazon. It says there’s a 20 minute feature with the writers etc about what might have happened had it not been cancelled.

Joan of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia
Two seasons (2003 – 2005) about a teenager who talks to God. Joan is played by Amber Tamblyn (daughter of Tom Thumb – Russ Tamblyn – loved that film).

The strength of JoA was in its characters – Joan and all of her family and her friends at school seem so real that you just accept that God keeps cropping up (‘dressed’ as a different person each time). Her father is a police chief and her older brother has been paralysed in an accident; life is challenging but God keeps asking her to help other people.

Interesting actually that both of today’s series link to my novel in some way. Ages ago I decided that my protagonist Jane would look like Amber – you can see who else I am picturing on my Pinterest board here. My J post last year was about Jane too.

The episodes that stick out to me when reviewing the summaries on imdb are:
The Boat – Joan of Ark??
St Joan – Joan of Arc
Silence – Joan is ill with Lyme disease – is God just a hallucination?
Queen of the Zombies – Joan tries out for the school play

Joan’s Queen of the Zombies song – yes that’s God boogying along in the wings.

The series also has Joan Osborne’s ‘One of Us’ as the title track. There is something about a title track that settles you in. I like Charmed’s too (but was aware of the song from The Craft soundtrack before I started watching – obviously a ‘witchy’ song).

What do you think of the two shows above?
What time would you travel back to and why?
What form would you like God to take if he/she/they ever popped by to talk to you?
Which TV series title track is your favourite?

I’ve just joined bloglovin to make it easier to follow the blogs I like – it has a tablet app and you should see a widget in the sidebar which will add my blog to your bloglovin feed. Here’s my profile.

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