On the Eve of #NaNoWriMo – A #NaNoWarmUp stock check

With less than an hour to go until November the 1st 2013 I am in a calm state of panic (conclude denial) about the impending NaNoWriMo challenge.

For the past two years, since my first ‘win’ in 2010 I’ve got no further than 25,000 – one year only 10,000.

Any words better than no words, right?

I used Octobers #NaNoWarmUp to edit the 60,000 words of Training Time into first person. Things were going excellently and I hit the 25,000 word target (I re-typed out each and every word – no copying and pasting) on 18th October. Then I got the flu and it has stuck with me so I added no additional words. My total for the month was 30333 with 36193 now in first person (or at least I hope it is). Huge thanks to Kat and Savannah for organising – I’m further than I would have been without you.

But I’m committed to going with my new project Tetrana for November so December will have to be another Training Time editing month.

The only preparation I have made for Tetrana this year is to set up my Scrivener file, name the three main characters and today I started a Pinterest Inspirations board.

Now all that’s left to do is actually work out what Irena, Maeve and Brenna are going to do with themselves for 50000+ words!!

I’ll leave you with my rubbishly drawn cover and good luck for your own attempts.



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  1. Good luck with nano! And also with Training Time – love the concept 🙂

    • Thanks – are you NaNoing? Maybe I’ll have that draft of TT by the end of the year??
      I’m 127 words into Tetrana at the mo – exciting entering a new world.

      • Hope it’s fun! No, I’m up to my ears in final edits on Desprite Measures – getting too close now! Cover done, reveal and launch tour booked – need to get that final polish done and dusted.
        I look forward to seeing TT – let me know when first draft is ready for a look 🙂

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