YA Shot Workshop Competition Winner

I hope you can see from my previous post that I am passionate about books and health and exploring how reading can develop you as a person. With all that in mind I decided to put forward a b/vlogging workshop proposal for YA Shot and… I won. So on 28th October I will be running the following.

Workshop Title

Fan Activism, Stories and B/Vlogging

Workshop Outline (as submitted)

Young Adult literature tackles important issues that are socially relevant. Stories have the power to influence change: attitudinal change, behavioural change and social change. The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) captured the passion for the themes within the story of Harry Potter (since expanded to other stories and fandoms) and developed campaigns that have enacted change in readers’ own communities.

It is evident that b/vloggers are passionate individuals that are keen to express, and share their views with others. Making links between popular culture and real life issues on a blog or vlog is a great way to get started in social activism. Social Activists are future leaders and develop many transferable skills whilst organising campaigns. Empathy, organisation, critical review, communication and clarity of expression. All desirable to current and future employers.

Attendees at the workshop will explore a variety of blogs/vlogs that include elements of social activism – whether in one post, or as the aim of the b/vlog. They will also be challenged to make links between their own favourite stories and real life issues that they are passionate about and sketch out a blog/vlog outline that inspires change.

The workshop would be of particular interest to young adults, teachers, or librarians that might want to consider connecting people through the power of story (and perhaps organising their own HPA Chapter in their school, library, university or community). It will equally apply to those who wish to b/vlog independently and develop their ability to make links between the stories they read and the lives they lead.

Why Me

My name is Kirsty Stanley, I am 37 years old and I live in Poole, Dorset. I am an Occupational Therapist, a writer and a blogger. As well as running my own Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) I am also the UK/Ireland Chapter Liaison for the HPA, a fan activist charity.

I have recently undertaken writing workshop training through the LitUp! Programme locally and I am used to running groups with varying remits with a range of age groups. I have had 8 years experience lecturing (or facilitating learning as I prefer to call it). I am hugely passionate about (obsessed with) Harry Potter, YA literature, occupational therapy, mental health awareness, diversity and social justice.

I have blogged about social activism topics on behalf of my HPA chapter, Phoenix Rising and on my own blog.

I am working on a PhD called Why We Are Writers: Relationships and the Occupation of Creative Writing. I am also in the process of editing my first novel, so naturally am putting myself forward to help me in my editing/PhD procrastination.


My workshop outline has been expertly summarised on the YA Shot Programme page where you can find out about the rest of the programme and book tickets.

Hope to see you there.


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