Not no post on Sundays

You may have noticed that I’ve not really been around here much for a while, just the occasional post here and there. Things have gone on which meant that I’ve been doing stuff other than blogging. I might talk about some of that a little more sometime.

Oddly enough, just as my life is going to get busier (re-starting the PhD) I have decided I want to re-introduce blogging into my schedule, in fact I’m going to start introducing schedule into my life. I’ve read lots of books on my hiatus and I want to share some thoughts about those books. I’ve also done a fair amount of bucket list items so would like to share some experiences too. Books and Occupation is still the blog theme but I’m going to add a bit of a schedule. One proviso I’m not going to apologise if I miss a post because life is too short to spend it apologising.

In Harry Potter, Vernon Dursley says he likes Sundays because there’s no post. Well Vernon I’m flouting your muggle rule and have decided that Sunday is going to be blog post day. I may post more frequently (e.g. I’ll be taking part in a couple of blog tours soon and have lots of reviews to catch up on) but will aim for Sundays as my target.

Hope all of you out there are well.

What’s one thing that you are hoping to pick back up again, or start, this October?

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