Smiley uterus – sad left ovary – #IVF Update

Not huge amounts to report today – have had 2 days of drugs at the different levels.

According to my scan it looked liked my uterus had a big grin so hoping this is a good sign.

Left ovary still a grump who is doing nothing.

Right ovary follicle progress:

The leading one that was 16.5mm is up to 20mm so that’s where they’d like it to be.

The one that was 10mm was up to 14mm and ideally they’d like to see if it can go a bit further.

Wednesdays bloods were borderline. Indicating possibly one egg. They’ve been done again today.

Womb Lining is up from 7.3mm to 8.3mm so that’s good.

Having two more days of Merional ordered so they should be delivered tomorrow (Saturday) so instead of finishing Saturday will def have another dose of both Sunday and possibly Monday too.

Back for another scan on Monday at 10am where a decision will be made. Consultant will actually be around so will be able to speak to him. If I can progress to egg collection that would likely happen Wednesday. But it’s still a waiting game and could go either way.

Looks like some tidying distraction is on the cards for the weekend.

I just want to do a shout out to all my family/friends for their practical support and to everyone who has sent me well wishes. I’m lucky to have some fabulous people around me. Thanks all.

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