Trigger Injection Tonight

Went in for my scan this morning and I have one follicle at 22mm (20mm Friday) and 1 at 16mm (14mm Friday). Even have a sneaky one at 6mm (not that that’s going to do anything). Lining is up to 9.3mm and oestrogen levels up to just over 900 (as of Friday bloods!). Ideally I think they should be 1000 but have had some more blood today and was given the option to go ahead or to cancel. At this question I burst into tears… and I was doing so well at holding things together.

As my response to the maximum dose stimulation has not been that great it’s hard to know if I would respond worse or slightly better on a future cycle. My age and my AMH are not really on my side and I am only really ever going to be looking at 2-3 eggs on a cycle of stimulation.

Things are indicating hopefully the presence of one egg and it could be that there is two. We won’t know until I go ahead.

So I’m going for it. For full IVF. I think I will always regret it if I don’t.

Tonight (Monday) I take my last doses of Busceralin and Merional as usual and then my trigger shot of Ovitrelle at 23.30.

Tomorrow no jabs required just a relaxing day.

Wednesday will be the day of egg collection so nothing to eat or drink from midnight and an early trip up to London with huge thanks to my parents for accompanying me.

General Anaesthetic and a long needle later and when I wake up they should be able to tell me how many eggs were successfully collected. 2, 1 or 0.

Whatever the outcome, the benefit of going ahead is that I will have more information. They will be able to look at the quality of any eggs collected and also determine if they fertilise when the sperm is led into a Petri dish to say hello.

I’ll check back in at some point on Wednesday. Still more stages to go (I hope). If you are following my journey thank you. It’s an ongoing one, full of uncertainty that I don’t think will be over until you are holding a baby. Then the fun would begin!!

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