The Adventure/Rollercoaster Finally Begins

Why is waiting for something to happen always the hardest part?

Since my post I have basically been waiting for my period to start and typically it’s decided to go back to a more ‘normal’ pattern this month, i.e. when I wasn’t bothered about having them they came more frequently, now I want it to come it’s been somewhat elusive – was due Tues but started Sunday. Sigh.

So many of our biological functions are susceptible to stress and I’ve been trying to keep calm and not be too anxious but it’s difficult not to worry. If anyone has any tips of what they have found to be useful forms of stress relief during similar events please do share them.

Finally though today marks the start of my first attempt at IVF using a short protocol and my first ever time needing to inject myself 😱. Wish me luck and minimal pain.

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