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Scan Number 2 – #IVF Update

I’ve been taking the Merional since Sunday and today (Wednesday) I had my second scan to see how things were going along.

First the good news. The juicy follicle on the right that was around 10mm at Friday’s scan was around 16.5mm (needs to aim for 21mm) and one of the tiny ones on the right is up to 10mm. Lining was thickening up but I blanked on by how much.

Now the not so good news. No sign of any more. Nothing on the left. Had bloods taken again

(oops I guess I didn’t press down hard enough)

The nurse was honest in saying she didn’t know what the consultant’s advice would be because, although you only need one egg to make a baby, the more eggs the more chances. Plus there’s no guarantee that each follicle contains an egg.

They got back to me to say that the recommendation was to reduce the Busceralin from 0.5 to 0.2 – I guess to see if we can wake the ovaries up a bit or at least to see if that 10mm joins in a bit more positively. I’m already of the full whack of the Merional. Back for another scan Friday afternoon to review.

It’s odd because since around 11.30 Thursday I’ve been feeling quick stabby pains down where my ovaries are and have been feeling a bit sicky and that’s continued today. I was hoping that that meant good things were happening. It’s odd how you can be convinced your body is doing stuff it might not be. I almost had myself convinced I was pregnant last summer but that was a no too.

So it’s not completely a no

Yes I had a blub

Yes I’m likely to have more blubs

But I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself that…

Will review again on Friday. There’s still potential steps that can be taken so trying to take things just one day at a time.

Thanks for reading

Now off work for the rest of this week and next and am wearing my pineapple on my wrist.

The Adventure/Rollercoaster Finally Begins

Why is waiting for something to happen always the hardest part?

Since my post I have basically been waiting for my period to start and typically it’s decided to go back to a more ‘normal’ pattern this month, i.e. when I wasn’t bothered about having them they came more frequently, now I want it to come it’s been somewhat elusive – was due Tues but started Sunday. Sigh.

So many of our biological functions are susceptible to stress and I’ve been trying to keep calm and not be too anxious but it’s difficult not to worry. If anyone has any tips of what they have found to be useful forms of stress relief during similar events please do share them.

Finally though today marks the start of my first attempt at IVF using a short protocol and my first ever time needing to inject myself 😱. Wish me luck and minimal pain.

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