U is for… Um there are no ‘U’s so let’s go for numbers – 666 Park Avenue #AtoZChallenge

U is for… Um there are no ‘U’s so let’s go for numbers – 666 Park Avenue

666 PA

I can’t think of any supernatural, sci-fi or fantasy TV shows that I’ve seen that begin with U so as numbers don’t have their own category in A-Z I’ve decided to go with that instead.

The show I’ve chosen to look at is a current one – 666 Park Avenue. This is very very very loosely based on a series of books (I have them waiting to read). In fact so loosely that the descriptions of the two different formats would be difficult to match up without the titles.

I also started watching this knowing it had already been cancelled in the states – so there is only one short 13 episode season only (unlucky in this case and I have to comment that I find 13 episodes really annoying because 12 fit on 2 discs perfectly!).

What I’ve seen so far I’ve enjoyed and I’m interested enough to see it through to its conclusion but worried it might not have been given a proper one.

Terry O’Quinn (Lost’s John Locke) is particularly sinister in it.

Why do lots of the shows I like get cancelled too early? Do I have particularly obscure taste?
What you think of TV shows that are similar to books in name only?

(Oops just found this in my drafts – Sat 27th April – it was written so I don’t know how I forgot to post it).

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