U is for… Ubiquitous #AtoZChallenge

U is for… Ubiquitous

I decided I liked the sound of this word and wondered what it meant and if I could fit it in to my PhD blog topics. Turns out I really could.

According to Oxford Dictionaries online it means:

‘present, appearing, or found everywhere’

I felt that writing about writing was ubiquitous amongst writers – and when I see something so often I start to wonder why.

A number of the books I have reviewed during this challenge are on this very topic (and there are more to come).

This is one of the things that has influenced the direction of my PhD – I want to understand why.

If you are a writer and have written about why you write, the need to write etc. do please link to your blog post below.

What word do you like the sound of but don’t remember the meaning of – I challenge you to use it in a sentence below?

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  1. I think that’s great — to want to know why. As a writer, ‘why’ is one of my favorite questions. There are too many words I don’t remember, but must’ve thought them cool at one point or other. If it wasn’t so late into the Challenge, my brain might have worked better as far as remembering.
    Great post.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  2. transitionalwoman1

    Now that I have to think of one, I cannot come up a word I like, but don’t remember the meaning. I word I love (and can even remember the meaning) is serendipity.

  3. When I write about writing, I do so for two main reasons: first, to encourage other writers who may be helped by my thoughts and experiences; and second, to help me think through questions or ideas I have about the art and craft of writing.

    If I may, Kirsty, I’d like to offer a couple of links to articles on my blog:

    This is an article I wrote about “talent” and it explores the question, “what does it mean to be a ‘talented’ writer?”: http://www.colindsmith.com/blog/2013/02/25/some-thoughts-on-talent

    This article, from last year’s A-to-Z Challenge, describes my writing journey: http://www.colindsmith.com/blog/2012/04/26/writing/

    I think these are somewhat relevant to your question.

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