T is for… Transactional Perspectives on Occupation (Book) #AtoZChallenge

T is for… Transactional Perspectives on Occupation (Book)


I think I might be a little bit in love with this book. I have even read a few whole chapters of it and am planning a full read through. This is because the concepts outlined in it appear to make sense to me (I’m sure when I start reading more this will change and I will become confused again).

From the back cover:
‘An occupation is, most simply put, any activity we participate in that engages (occupies) our attention, interests, and/or expectations…’
‘The transactional perspectives articulated in this book both implicitly and explicitly suggest that occupations are forms of activity that create and re-create a multitude of our relationships with the world.’

‘In the same way that people exist within situations through occupation, they respond to these situations with occupation.’ (Dickie and Cutchin, 2013, p. 258).

This suggests looking at occupation as a response which is something I think I could explore.

Another chapter in this books highlights the importance of narrative in OT practice and provides support for spending time getting to know our clients. As I said, this book speaks sense to me (in that it fits with my worldview).

This perspective is based on the work of John Dewey and pragmatism which acknowledged the need to be flexible and do what needs doing.

Going to leave this here for now and work on my research question for supervision later this week. I do think this blogging has helped me.

Dickie, V.A. and Cutchin, M.P. (2013) Transactional Perspectives on Occupation: Main Points of Contribution in This Volume. In: Dickie, V.A. and Cutchin, M.P. (eds) (2013) Transactional Perspectives on Occupation. Dordrecht: Springer, 257-261.

What has blogging helped you discover?

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