T is for… Teen Wolf/Tru Calling #AtoZChallenge

T is for… Teen Wolf/Tru Calling

Teen Wolf is the second TV series in my list that derives from a somewhat fluffy movie start (the first being Buffy). I loved the Michael J Fox Teen Wolf movie (not as fond of Teen Wolf Too though). When I saw there was a series starting I had to watch it.

Teen Wolf is much more serious, with better special effects and lacrosse (which I’ve wanted to play since reading Malory Towers) instead of basketball.

Basic premise – Scott gets bitten by a werewolf and turns! Werewolves and teens mix well because of the parallels with raging hormones. Throw in some hunters, one of which is a gorgeous girl and you also get a Romeo and Juliet feel of forbidden love.

My favourite character though is Stiles (Scott’s best friend who he confides in) – who does provide much of the comic relief.

Ned Vizzini who I interviewed for the House of Secrets blog tour at the weekend has also written for this show – I asked him about the difference between scriptwriting and writing novels.

This is a current show, I’ve seen the first two seasons and there is a third on its way.

Tru Calling

Tru Calling  is the fourth show in the list to star Eliza Dushku – Angel and Buffy as Faith and Dollhouse as Echo. This is not a Joss Whedon show though and I just read that she turned down a Faith spin off to star in Tru Calling.
Eliza plays Tru Davies who is a wannabe medical student who works in the morgue and discovers that when a corpse asks her for help that she repeats days to change their fate.

This ran from 2003 − 2005 and had two seasons (the second only 6 episodes, the first 20). The second season was never shown on TV in the UK so I only got the chance to see it on DVD.

Looking at the cast list now I see a lot of familiar names, A.J. Cook – Criminal Minds (JJ), Matt ‘White Collar’ Bomer, Jason ’Beverly Hills 90210’ Priestly and Zach ‘The Hangover’ Galifianakis.

A few stand out episodes here.

Putting Out Fires – Season 1 Episode 2
Tru tries to save a young firefighter who died saving a child.

Brother’s Keeper – Season 1 Episode 3
This time it’s Tru’s brother who asks for help.

Haunted – Season 1 Episode 5
Medical students performing dangerous experiments – reminds me of Flatliners.

The Longest Day – Season 1 Episode 11
Tru’s Groundhog Day – each repeated day someone different dies – will Tru get out of the loop and solve what she needs to.

And a quick nod to True Blood

Interestingly for a vampire fan I’m still not 100% sure about True Blood and am now a season behind. I have bought some of the books the series is based on but not read them yet. This is darker in tone than most shows I watch and the opening credits freak me out.

So which is it for you, werewolves, vampires or day repeaters?

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