N is for… Narrative Inquiry (Book) #AtoZChallenge

N is for… Narrative Inquiry (Book)

Haven’t had time to read this book, or even scan through it really so I’m just going to add a picture of the cover. I know this is one I’ll be reading.


Instead I’m going to briefly talk to you about the workshop I attended at work today – which was aptly called The power of narrative and stories in enabling learning for professional practice.

This was an event sponsored by the Higher Education Academy. You can see the programme here.

A few of us tweeted using #heanarrative – I was hoping to make a storify (but the website is playing up at the moment).

My colleagues shared the narrative work they have been undertaking in health and social care education and research and I got to read some of the poetry I have been writing on my research journey (I thought I was just putting it up for people to read – nothing like being thrown in at the deep end).

I was moved to tears a couple of times during the day and, although you can’t hear his full poem here listen to Jagdev Singh being given a space to and finding his voice through poetry.

The creative group I was with shared our feedback via the magic story mask of insight  – symbolising the fact that stories can teach us so much.

Finally here is one of my insights from the day

What is the most important thing you have learnt from a story or through listening to someone’s narrative?

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