N is for… No Ordinary Family #AtoZChallenge

N is for… No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family
I knew it was going to be harder to keep up once I was back at work so apologies for the delayed posts. How’s the challenge going for everyone else?

No Ordinary Family (2010-2011) only had one season. This is another series I’ve only watched once so I can’t pick out individual episodes. A ‘kind of’ live action The Incredibles but the family only get superpowers after a plane crash. This is about how they learn to live with their new abilities.

This show stared Julie Benz – Darla from Buffy/Angel – but this time she’s not evil, just fast.

That’s it for today (I’m tired and have my second post to write).

Did you watch this show? What did you think?

If you could pick a superpower – what would it be and how would you come by it?

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