A Harry Potter Movie Marathon

This weekend is going to be soooo much fun. My friends and I are having a Harry Potter movie marathon where we plan to watch all eight films over the course of two days. Alongside that will be other Harry Potter geekery: fancy dress, themed food and drink (inc butterbeer of course).

We’ve already started the geekery early too – my mate Steph sent us this: I can’t believe I finally got my Hogwarts letter!!

And using this kit (Quill, ink, wax and stamp bought in Italy in 2005):

I made everyone an invitation.

P1050072 P1050078 P1050080

And then labelled and sealed envelopes (nearly setting light to them; at one point there was a line of flame running from the wax to the seal on one of the envelopes – only though afterwards that using a candle instead of matches would have been more sensible. In fact that is a lie, I thought of that the night before and then promptly forgot when I went to actually do it). P1050071 P1050090


More pictures to follow post event.

Have you ever had a movie marathon and if so what did you watch and what are your tips for surviving?



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  1. This sounds awesome! I love how you prepared everything, those invitations look so good! I hope you and your friends enjoy it! And you got your letter!

    I once had a marathon like that and almost die, so I can only give you tips on what not to do… for example switching off the light and stay in the dark for the whole day (it hurts the eyes so much!). And take some time between the movies to open the window, walk around a bit and let your eyes rest 🙂

    Have fun! It really sounds amazing 😀

    • Thanks for the advice – we have booked in breaks and even sleep – but going outside seems like a good plan.
      I will be posting more pictures afterwards – can’t wait.

  2. Best way to spend a weekend. EVER! This is awesome! Great job on all that stuff! My friends and I have been trying to plan the same, but unlike them I don’t work a job that gives weekend off…or any time off really.

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