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A Harry Potter Movie Marathon

This weekend is going to be soooo much fun. My friends and I are having a Harry Potter movie marathon where we plan to watch all eight films over the course of two days. Alongside that will be other Harry Potter geekery: fancy dress, themed food and drink (inc butterbeer of course).

We’ve already started the geekery early too – my mate Steph sent us this: I can’t believe I finally got my Hogwarts letter!!

And using this kit (Quill, ink, wax and stamp bought in Italy in 2005):

I made everyone an invitation.

P1050072 P1050078 P1050080

And then labelled and sealed envelopes (nearly setting light to them; at one point there was a line of flame running from the wax to the seal on one of the envelopes – only though afterwards that using a candle instead of matches would have been more sensible. In fact that is a lie, I thought of that the night before and then promptly forgot when I went to actually do it). P1050071 P1050090


More pictures to follow post event.

Have you ever had a movie marathon and if so what did you watch and what are your tips for surviving?




P1040578 P1040579

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