A to Z – Provisional Post Ideas #AtoZChallenge

Yes, I have decided to take part in the blogging from A to Z challenge this year, and I’m going to take part twice.

I will be blogging about Supernatural/Sci-Fi/Fantasy type TV shows I’ve seen and also a PhD related blog post a day too – I ran this past my Supervisor today who thought it would be a good thing because she might actually get to see some of my thoughts written down!!

TV Shows Provisional List (with additional sneaky mentions on some days and slight cheats on three)

A is for… Angel
B is for… Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C is for… Charmed
D is for… Dead Like Me
E is for… Eureka
F is for… Firefly
G is for… Ghost Whisperer (sneaky Game of Thrones mention too)
H is for… Hex
I is for… Incredible Hulk
J is for… Journeyman
K is for… Kingdom Hospital
L is for… Lost
M is for… Missing
N is for… No Ordinary Family
O is for… Once Upon a Time
P is for… Point Pleasant
Q is for… Quantum Leap
R is for… Roswell
S is for… Supernatural (Def plus sneaky extras inc The Secret Circle, Switch and Smallville – there’s an abundance of S Shows)
T is for… Teen Wolf
U is for… Um there are no Us so let’s go for numbers – 666 Park Avenue
V is for… Vampire Diaries
W is for… Wonderfalls
X is for… X Files
Y is for… Your Favourites
Z is for… Zombies –  Dead Set (If I get round to watching it in time)

PhD Provisional List (Book reviews won’t be able to be of the whole book but key concepts)

A is for… Autoethnography
B is for… Beginning
C is for… Conferences
D is for… Dialogism (Book)
E is for… Ethics
F is for… First We Read, Then We Write: Emerson on the Creative Process (Book)
G is for… Grame Harper’s Interviews with Contemporary Writers (Inside Creative Writing) (Book)
H is for… Heroine
I is for… Intertextuality (Book)
J is for… Journalling and Reflexivity
K is for… King – On Writing (Book)
L is for… Le Guin on Writing (The Wave in the Mind) (Book)
M is for… Mewburn (Dr Inger) – The Thesis Whisperer
N is for… Narrative Inquiry (Book)
O is for… Ontology, Epistemology and all that Jazz
P is for… Pratchett on Writing (A Slip of the Keyboard) (Book)
Q is for… Qualitative
R is for… Radical Rhetoric
S is for… Situating Everyday Life (Book)
T is for… Transactional Perspective (Book)
U is for… Ubiquitous
V is for… Value the Personal
W is for… Why I Write (Orwell) (Book)
X is for… X doesn’t mark the spot
Y is for… Your story too
Z is for… Zen in the Art of Writing (Ray Bradbury) (Book)

So, that’s my challenge – now I need to start writing and scheduling as much as possible so that I can visit and comment on other blogs.

Are you doing the challenge this year? Picked a theme? Planning or winging it?

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  1. Hello, just stopping by to wish you luck with this challenge. You’re so brave doing two A-Z blogs! It’s taken me forever to write the posts for one blog. I’m not a big sc-fi fan, but your PhD list seems interesting 🙂

  2. Is this your first blogging experience too? What’s your theme?

  3. Wow, I’m impressed that you are doing two challenges! I am a total tv junkie so I just love your tv theme, how fun.

    I’m one of the A-Z Minions and just wanted to stop by to say hello. I’m glad to have found your blog. Good luck with your themes!

    • Thanks minion Julie ;0)
      Thinking I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew. Going to try and schedule some posts this weekend so I can spend time visiting others.
      Good luck with your challenge and minion duties.

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