C is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

C is for Commander Benjamin Trainer

(Post 3 on my WIP)

Commander Benjamin Trainer is the head of the Time Police Academy, the father of Jamie Trainer and Jane Thomas’ stepfather. Extremely proud of Jamie and his friend Dylan, he nurtured the two boys through police cadets and in the development of time travel, advancing his own career in the progress. He realises the potential pitfalls of this new technology and seeks to do everything ‘by the book’, incidentally, the one that he writes himself.
He was Sergeant Trainer and on duty the day Angela Marsh disappeared. He was the one to find her body; according to the coroner she had only been dead for five minutes. Despite believing in the intelligence of Jamie and Dylan he never really thought that two teenagers would be responsible for inventing time travel. However, because after Angela’s death, fixating on that was the only thing that dragged Jamie out of bed in the morning he encouraged it, financially as well as with emotional support.
He has never had a strong relationship with Jane, who refused to take his name, instead holding up what he believes is an idealised vision of her father. He does care for her and it is only with his backing that she joins the academy and escapes jail or sectioning.

This is what he had to say at the start of the training year.

I manage the whole time academy and still maintain links with the local police force. The academy has around 20 staff in total and each one has been selected for being the best in their field, whether that’s Technology, Administration or Catering.

And when asked about this year’s group of trainees.

We take in just under 40 trainees a year, so far this year 7 stand out to me.

Petra is, according to Dylan, the female version of him. A technological genius.
Larry is a gentle giant, looks ferocious but has the people skills to never need to use his strength.
Freddy is determined to be as good, if not better than he was in the army.
Kyle is very cocky but his gift of the gab means he’ll always succeed.
Skye is a nice girl, maybe a little too nice for this type of work.
Gabrielle shows a lot of promise – she just needs a bit more heart if anything.
I know Jane has it in her, if only she’ll stop pushing against me.

And on his experiences of time travel.

Apart from the brief demonstration this year my last experience in the field was when I went to collect my son’s body; I prefer not to talk about that.

Don’t you think Colin Firth would make an excellent Ben (if we aged him up a bit), with his son Jamie played by Orlando Bloom? Hey, a girl can dream ;o)

Commander and Jamie Trainer?? (Image from imdb.com)

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  1. Ooh, Orlando would make a great Jamie! I’m trying to think of an actor close to how I imagined the Commander…..

    Hurry up with the next edition, I want to read it again 😉

    • Cheers. Had fun selecting people for my characters yesterday. Have a few gaps though. I’ve also managed to schedule up to G and have topics for most letters. Hurrah.

  2. Oh, a most fantastic cast.

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