Q is for… (#atozchallenge)

Q is for…



I love this word because it is so fun to say. According to the Oxford Dictionary of English (2003) it means: ‘representing the most perfect or typical example of quality or class.’

I think it can be used colloquially to suggest indicators that are typical of a particular person or group of people. I’ve most heard it said in relation to something being quintessentially British.

telephone boxes


And because quint relates to 5 I would like to know from you, any of the following:


Five indicators of the quintessential writer

Five indicators of the quintessential occupational therapist

Five indicators that are quintessentially you


My 5 quintessential Kirsty indicators are:

  1. I am always, at least, 5 minutes late to everything
  2. I am always blowing my nose or sneezing (especially in the last two weeks)
  3. I talk with my hands and make odd gestures to represent what I’m blathering about (you turn the gas down – anyone?)
  4. If I stay anywhere overnight I don’t come alone
  5. I am glued to my gadgets


(those of you who know me would you agree or is there anything else that is quintessentially me?)


Looking forward to your quintessential quintessentials!

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  1. Quintessentially Kirsty:
    1. always pushing your specs up (in fairness this was when trying to read the board at school – I don’t think you do it anymore)
    2. the odd gunshot sneezes
    3. an infectious laugh,
    4. getting emotionally involved in the program/book/story/whatever and
    5. sultan and patch (of course)

    Quintessentially Jay:
    1. Sarcasm and general blunt delivery
    2. Adding the words “for me” on the end of every instruction given to a patient
    3. Loveydom. “Hun”, “Sweetie” and “Love” being the most common
    4. Scoffing of Chinese food with the flimsiest of excuses
    5. Giant chocolate buttons

    Oddly, it’s harder to manage for yourself than for someone else.

    • I think I might still do the specs thing a bit, especially as I just got new glasses – my sis will say I scrunch my nose up to push them up. I do tend to get a bit emotionally involved in stuff – and you are seeing two films with me tonight! Sultan might be my little house guest. Patch is on a little shelf now though – need to go give him a hug now you’ve reminded me.

      I agree with 1, 2 and 5 of yours, Haven’t experienced 2 or noticed 3 yet. Will now be on the lookout.

      Thanks for playing. I think I find it harder to pick out 5 for others (and of course then there’s my memory – maybe that should be one of mine – can never remember anything!!!)

  2. “turn the gas down” – LOL!! We’re back to your ‘laughter & tears’ post again, I remember laughing to the point of tears at that!

    Ok, quintessential Cath.
    1. Saying ‘lovely’ all the time at work. I’ve only noticed this since failing to write it in my ‘all about me’ post. It’s driving me mad.
    2. Worrying about stuff that I can’t control, or that I refuse to deal with, like my overdraft!
    3. Preferring comfortable clothes to fashionable ones despite how I appear to others.
    4. My ‘look’: short hair, heavy glasses, and ridiculous eyebrows. Really must do something about them.
    5. Generally messy and untidy and disorganised, despite how much I want to be otherwise.

    • To your list I’d add walking really fast for someone so small, maybe this is as a result of being small and having to walk fast to keep up as a child (did you know I’m taller than you! ;0p)
      Also your crafty cards are quintessentially you, especially now. We shall never expect a shop bought card again!

  3. Five aspects of quintessential writer:
    1. Playing around on Twitter when deadlines loom (check)
    2. Easily sidetracked by details into thinking “Ooh that could be a story…”
    3. Taking grisly interest in news stories, thinking, erm, “Ooh that could be a story…”
    4. Finding housework that simply has to be done NOW when deadlines loom, then leaving said housework because you get an idea and start thinking “Ooh that could be a story…”
    5. Staring at blank screen thinking “I’m sure I DID have a story…”

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