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Q is for… (#atozchallenge)

Q is for…



I love this word because it is so fun to say. According to the Oxford Dictionary of English (2003) it means: ‘representing the most perfect or typical example of quality or class.’

I think it can be used colloquially to suggest indicators that are typical of a particular person or group of people. I’ve most heard it said in relation to something being quintessentially British.

telephone boxes


And because quint relates to 5 I would like to know from you, any of the following:


Five indicators of the quintessential writer

Five indicators of the quintessential occupational therapist

Five indicators that are quintessentially you


My 5 quintessential Kirsty indicators are:

  1. I am always, at least, 5 minutes late to everything
  2. I am always blowing my nose or sneezing (especially in the last two weeks)
  3. I talk with my hands and make odd gestures to represent what I’m blathering about (you turn the gas down – anyone?)
  4. If I stay anywhere overnight I don’t come alone
  5. I am glued to my gadgets


(those of you who know me would you agree or is there anything else that is quintessentially me?)


Looking forward to your quintessential quintessentials!

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