P is for… (#atozchallenge)

P is for…



Last November whilst writing my NaNoWriMo 50,000 words (which I’m hoping to add another 80,000 to in May and June this year) I wrote that my main character kept a copy of C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew nearby.

I remember being distinctly annoyed that they always leave this book (and the Horse and his Boy) out of film adaptations because I think they could look wonderful on screen although they aren’t as ‘exctiing’ action-wise as the other books in the series.

One of the things I had remembered from the book was the Pegasus horse and on Saturday Nov 27th the Daily Mail ran a story called Pegasus rides again where a picture of a bull that looks like it has wings was shown. I’ve kept this clipping in the pocket of my moleskin notebook which I used during the challenge and took it as a sign. I’ve since re-read the TMN and there are some echoes from this in my book, spooky, huh?

I love intertextuality and when books and films and art etc speak to other works, so I plan to keep these echoes there even though the stories are very different.

I’m pretty sure I wanted a ride on a Pegasus pony when I was small and I remember having Pegasus (and Flutter) My Little Ponies (I incidentally love the My Little Pony film – smooze anyone?).

What mythical ceature inspires you?

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  1. The other mythical creature that inspires me is the Phoenix! Rising from ashes to flame again.

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