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Z is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

Z is for Zzzz

(Post 26 on my WIP)

Off to the land of sleep and dreams
I fly on a horse with feathered wings
I sigh as the journey for today is done
Look forward to another yet to come

It’s here – the last letter post of April’s A to Z Challenge 2012. There will one more post – a reflection post on May 7th.

I started this challenge when I had a week’s leave from work and got ahead with scheduled posts – and then I went back to work and ended up losing out on sleep to write and stay on target (and keep up with everything else I needed to). Unfortunately because I really couldn’t give up on sleep all together (funny that!) I had to let go of commenting on as many blogs as I managed to do to start with. This was a shame because I did find some excellent posts and people to connect with. Hopefully the list will remain so I can continue exploring at a more leisurely pace.

Now, as we all know, but often forget, sleep is a very important occupation. One I love. As a night owl I think I produce my best work at night and then I prefer to sleep in later in the day – but often day to day jobs are not conducive to this pattern of living. One of my wishes for the post A-Z lull is to catch up on sleep and try and work on developing a better sleep routine (any hints and tips on doing this welcome).

In my book Jane has a number of dreams which I see as being her subconscious guiding her to consider what is important. This is because during waking hours she often isn’t that aware of what it is she does want, just managing to deal with the day to day routine of life.

I used to spend lots of time daydreaming but am finding that is happening less as my head gets filled with other things. Now writing these posts about my WIP have been all well and good but they haven’t been writing my WIP. Nicola Morgan wrote a post last week about Writer’s Block that I really empathised with. As a result I am going to try and banish some stuff, get some sleep, start daydreaming again and hopefully come back to Training Time feeling refreshed and ready to finish that full first draft.

Happy snoozing fellow A-Zers – look forward to catching up on your reflections. Other than sleep what do you plan to catch up on now the challenge is over?

P is for… (#atozchallenge)

P is for…



Last November whilst writing my NaNoWriMo 50,000 words (which I’m hoping to add another 80,000 to in May and June this year) I wrote that my main character kept a copy of C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew nearby.

I remember being distinctly annoyed that they always leave this book (and the Horse and his Boy) out of film adaptations because I think they could look wonderful on screen although they aren’t as ‘exctiing’ action-wise as the other books in the series.

One of the things I had remembered from the book was the Pegasus horse and on Saturday Nov 27th the Daily Mail ran a story called Pegasus rides again where a picture of a bull that looks like it has wings was shown. I’ve kept this clipping in the pocket of my moleskin notebook which I used during the challenge and took it as a sign. I’ve since re-read the TMN and there are some echoes from this in my book, spooky, huh?

I love intertextuality and when books and films and art etc speak to other works, so I plan to keep these echoes there even though the stories are very different.

I’m pretty sure I wanted a ride on a Pegasus pony when I was small and I remember having Pegasus (and Flutter) My Little Ponies (I incidentally love the My Little Pony film – smooze anyone?).

What mythical ceature inspires you?

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