New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

It’s the 1st January and we’re back at the Academy on the 6th. I’ve nearly got my assignment finished but my father made me have a break on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I’m a little behind.

I hope this term is an improvement on the last one but somehow I doubt it, not with her still there.

I mean who does she think she is, waltzing in late on our first day, not having had to work for her place. Nepotism is still rife.

My resolutions for this year are:

  • Graduate top of the class
  • Talk to Kyle Carey

Now I’ve got to go get on with that ethics essay.

Gabrielle Sanders

(If you want to see me get what I deserve you’ll have to wait for Kirsty Stanley to get her act into gear and get Training Time: Book 1 of the Cop Across Time completed and edited)

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  1. A great interaction between characters, Kirsty. There’s
    conflict and drama aplenty between them! Well done. xxx

  2. Good luck with your ethics essay and those resolutions

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