G is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

G is for Gabrielle Sanders

(Post 7 on my WIP)

Gabrielle has already introduced herself on this blog – here.

This is what we overheard her saying to her groupies, Linda and Jessica.

Jane is not an academic rival. I know I’m far superior to her in almost every subject. I also know I’ve had to work hard for that achievement, and she seems to waltz in on the back on nepotism, maybe Commander Trainer should review ethical principle one.
The hottest guy in the class Kyle seems to have fallen for her and is attracted to her for some reason. He is so my type. He’s asked for help with his assignments so I think he might like me too. I’m sure he’d have no problems completing them himself but I’m happy to help and get to know him better.

Character wise Gabrielle shares similar character traits with Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, is Kyle her Chuck Bass? (Image from imdb.com)

Also, I’m after your help for my Q post which will be on  ‘Questions Answered’ – please head over to my Facebook Page if you’ve been inspired to ask me anything and then come back on Thursday 19th April for the answers. Of course I’m still more than happy to receive your comments on today’s post too.

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  1. Perfect looks-wise. She’s even got the superior, condescending look on her face that I imagined Gabrielle wearing.

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