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Rollcall – Blog Takeover Day

Hope you all enjoyed the posts from Jane and Gabrielle.

Jane would love to you check out the posts from everyone else that took part in Sally Quilford’s blog takeover day. Gabrielle isn’t so keen because she thinks you’ll like them all more than hers (secretly she admitted they are all very good, even Jane’s).

Drizzle Cures Cancer (amongst other things) – Sally Quilford

Invasion – Emma Flint – Rebecca Brown

The Resolution Keeper – Juliet Boyd

Happy New Year from the Pink Chair – Debs Carr

A word (or three) from Roget – David

Kasia Turning the page  – scribocin

Shedtastic! – Julie P

Introducing Brianna the Zombie – Xandra James

gaelikaa’s soliliquy

And in case you missed them – my two.

What I, Jane Thomas, resolves to do this year – Kirsty Stanley

New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

    New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

    New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

    It’s the 1st January and we’re back at the Academy on the 6th. I’ve nearly got my assignment finished but my father made me have a break on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I’m a little behind.

    I hope this term is an improvement on the last one but somehow I doubt it, not with her still there.

    I mean who does she think she is, waltzing in late on our first day, not having had to work for her place. Nepotism is still rife.

    My resolutions for this year are:

    • Graduate top of the class
    • Talk to Kyle Carey

    Now I’ve got to go get on with that ethics essay.

    Gabrielle Sanders

    (If you want to see me get what I deserve you’ll have to wait for Kirsty Stanley to get her act into gear and get Training Time: Book 1 of the Cop Across Time completed and edited)

    What I, Jane Thomas, resolves to do this year.

    What I, Jane Thomas, resolves to do this year.

    Jane Thomas here on the First Day of a brand New Year.

    The past twelve months have been challenging to say the least. My step-brother Jamie was murdered, I ended up in a mental hospital and I’ve just finished my first term at the Time Police Academy. My step-father is the Academy’s Commander and Jamie had graduated joint top of his class with his best mate Dylan Roberts. So there’s not a lot of pressure on me to succeed!

    Just six months ago the Academy was the last place on earth or beyond that I would have wanted to be, now it feels like home. True it is like a home where you are constantly under the microscope but I’ve also got a new best friend who’s almost like a sister. Skye Rain with her rainbow hair and such an infectious guffaw that you wouldn’t imagine would come out of five foot nothing girl.

    One of my big lessons so far has been not to judge a book by its cover. In our first hand to hand combat class I would never have believed that five foot two Sergeant Diana Knott would leave six foot three Sergeant Loughlin Hall flat on his back, winded. And the class stud, Kyle Carey was a definite mistake, but so have most of my relationships been. Not that you can really call one night rendezvous a relationship.

    My only real regrets since I started at the Academy is my relationship with Gabrielle Sanders but I have no idea what I could have done to offend her so badly. The least said about my relationship with my step-father the better.

    So my resolutions for this year. Not anything to do with weight, Knott and Hall have got that pretty much covered with their circuits sessions.

    1)      Keep working hard in classes.

    2)      Try to get on better with Gabrielle.

    3)      Find out who killed Jamie.


    (If you want to find out more about what happens you’ll have to hope that Kirsty Stanley gets Training Time: Book 1 of the Cop Across Time completed and edited)

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