Rollcall – Blog Takeover Day

Hope you all enjoyed the posts from Jane and Gabrielle.

Jane would love to you check out the posts from everyone else that took part in Sally Quilford’s blog takeover day. Gabrielle isn’t so keen because she thinks you’ll like them all more than hers (secretly she admitted they are all very good, even Jane’s).

Drizzle Cures Cancer (amongst other things) – Sally Quilford

Invasion – Emma Flint – Rebecca Brown

The Resolution Keeper – Juliet Boyd

Happy New Year from the Pink Chair – Debs Carr

A word (or three) from Roget – David

Kasia Turning the page  – scribocin

Shedtastic! – Julie P

Introducing Brianna the Zombie – Xandra James

gaelikaa’s soliliquy

And in case you missed them – my two.

What I, Jane Thomas, resolves to do this year – Kirsty Stanley

New Year’s Resolutions – Gabrielle Sanders

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