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The Anxiety of a Hufflepuff

I recently found out about HOL – a virtual Hogwarts where you can attend classes and chat to other Harry Potter obsessives. It appears this has been going for years (clearly Errol failed to deliver my letter) but they only take students twice a year.

So I enrolled – using an assumed name – real names not allowed and then answered questions for my sorting – and that way anxiety lies.

I am a Pottermore sorted Puff (been on Pottermore since it was in Beta) and although initially a little unsure of this sorting I have embraced my house wholeheartedly, robes and all. So what if I was sorted into a different house – I think I’d have freaked out and so would you!!! [Alex hasn’t written a what if HOL sorts me in the wrong house yet so here’s his Pottermore version instead].

But as fair play is a quality of my house I answered the questions honestly and from my heart and….


So here is my alter ego:

My name is Elizabeth Darby and I am a muggle born witch. My parents don’t really understand my fascination with all things magical. At least they share my passion for books – really, who here does trust someone who doesn’t read?

People keep mistaking me as being related to the famous Harry Potter because of my forehead scar. I’m sure that I’ll soon learn a way to magically fix it but I think I’ll just keep it. After all it makes a great talking point.

I’m a very proud Hufflepuff and I look forward to working hard for house points mainly through creative writing library projects and taking part in classes. I may even try a spell or two to draw out my latent artistic talents (at least I’m hoping I’m not a complete Art Squib).

I chose to bring an Owl called Nix (short for Phoenix) with me. He’s a screech owl and his red feathers looked a bit like flames.

This term I am taking:

Hogwarts a History: The Founders

Hogwarts a History: The Professors

Journey of the Hero

Scribbling Shack: Fairy Tales

The Magic of Disney

I’ve already started contributing to some textbooks in the library and over the next three days plan to share my entries with you.

If you were to take one of the classes above based on its title only which would it be and why?

Which Hogwarts house/s have you been sorted into?

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