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X is for… X doesn’t mark the spot #AtoZChallenge

X is for… X doesn’t mark the spot

Completing qualitative research isn’t a search for a universal truth but a contextual one.
It also isn’t a simple case of turning the page and finding the answer staring back at you.


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It’s more like an x-ray – which needs reading and interpreting.

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Image courtesy of arztsamui/

Or even exploring a treasure map with a number of ‘x’s to mark many spots.

Truth is:

It is the qualitative researcher’s responsibility to document full, rich description to allow the consumer of research to analyse similarities to and differences from their own context and make appropriate judgements based on clinical reasoning.

So, to link up with my other X post for today my catchphrase won’t be the X-Files ‘The Truth is Out There’ but rather ‘The Truth is in You’.

What do you think about the exploration for truth?

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