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Sunflowers in February by Phyllida Shrimpton – Book Review


Lily wakes up one crisp Sunday morning on the side of the road. She has no idea how she got there. It is only when a police car arrives, and she sees her own body, that she realises she is in fact …dead.

But nobody can see or hear her, however hard she tries. So what is she supposed to do next? Then Lily is given a once-in-a-deathtime opportunity. Will she take it?


Phyllida Shrimpton is a full-time mother of a teenage daughter and currently lives in Essex with her husband, their rescued Newfoundland and a small badly behaved Jack Russell.

She achieved a postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management, but soon jumped ship to work with teenagers, including students with Asperger’s syndrome, on an Essex-based agricultural college farm before eventually moving to live temporarily in the Netherlands. She is also an artist. Sunflowers in February is her first novel.

What I Thought

Crikey. Those opening scenes were pretty hard to read but Lily’s confusion and growing realisation of what has happened was so tangible.

In the early part of the book Lily is bounced around from person to person when they are thinking of her. She lacks agency – not surprisingly – and again it was difficult to read about the grief of those whose lives she is now absent from. There are a few different characters’ perspectives explored including the person who is responsible for Lily’s hit-and-run death. Someone a lot closer to home than you’d think.

I had total Ghost (the Patrick Swayze film) flashbacks at points throughout this story especially with the medium character, although One Shoe Sue actually is more credible.

The scenes where Lily first wake up in a boy’s body reminded me a little of Every Day by David Levithan and the Changers series. I have to admit to being frustrated with her taking over the other person’s life but then again it’s also understandable. She died at 15, her life is simply unfinished – she wants more time. Who wouldn’t.

I loved the exploration of the familial relationships most of all with Lily’s parents and brother being the most prominent of the other characters included. Teendom is a time when family relations can be quite fraught and this reminder to be kind to and make time for each other is important. Actually a useful reminder generally in this fast paced world.

I thought the book did very well to not go too much down the religious track when exploring the concept of life after death because I do think sadly that might have put me off a little. There was definitely some take away messages that were emotive but not overly schmaltzy.

One slight criticism I have is that I felt the concept of drink driving was perhaps not considered as negatively as it should be and in one case accepted as kind of inevitable.

I did get a little confused towards the end about when the book was actually going to end but that may have been because I was reading through tears and had to put the book down a number of times to make sure I could see! 😭 I definitely got over my frustration with Lily and she did develop to the extent that I was left hoping for a ridiculous and unobtainable proper happy ending although the ending itself was satisfying. As I said afterwards – I’m not crying. You’re crying! I dare you not to.

Let’s Talk Funerals and Bucket Lists in YA

What are some of the most emotional funeral scenes in YA Books that you’ve read?

Personally I think John Green pulls a corker in The Fault in Our Stars. I think the concept of actually being there to hear your own eulogy is so emotive. Phyllida also captures this here.

A bit morbid but reading this has actually got me thinking about how I’d like my funeral to be. Might make some plans. Gosh turning 40 is such a downer 😂😂 Have you ever thought about what you would like to happen at your funeral?

I have had a bucket list page on my blog for a while – must update it actually – and think it’s important that we take time to tick things off and stop putting things off. What would be on yours?

Thanks to Hot Key Books for the copy I received for the purpose of this honest review.

2013 Intentions


OK, so we are already a month and a half into 2013 and I have made a start on some of these already but illness has meant my energy has had to go mostly workwards. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can give up being sick for lent (and much more of the year).


• After the success of my daily challenges last year and thanks to a Christmas gift from my sister I have a daily challenge to complete my Kirigami (paper cutting and folding) calendar – I’ve been posting pictures of this on my tumblr blog along with others that I take (though those not on a daily basis – only when there’s something interesting).

• There is only one Kirigami for Sat/Sun so Sundays is typically gong to me a snapshot of the progress of my Happiness Jar (I’m writing happy memories on pieces of paper, popping them in the jar ready to read on New Year’s Eve).

• I am going to put my 366Photo and smallstone challenge in a Photobook – need to do this by the time my Groupon runs out in May.

• I realised how much I miss reading so I’ve upped my Goodreads challenge to 24 books (Thanks to sickness I’m already on 13 if you count the 2 betas I’ve read that Goodreads doesn’t, and I do! Lots of those are re-readings – Malory Towers and Harry Potter).

• The PhD ethics proposal has to come up high here – I’m currently feeling like I’m spinning in circles so I’m hoping to settle without vomiting soon ;o)

• To continue to work on my self esteem and not letting it be so dependent on others

• To leave 2013 weighing less than I did at the start. I’m really hoping that the 5:2 I’ve been doing since Oct 6th will help with this.

• To restart Pilates and try not to completely donate my money to the gym this year.

• To finish the rewrite/full first drafts of the first two books in my series (I NEED to do this this year).

• I will try to write at least 2 journal articles this year (take two).

• I will aim to use the April A-Z blogging challenge to progress with my PhD/my novels.

• If I have finished my drafts of books one and two I will aim to use November’s NaNoWriMo to write at least 25,000 words of book 3 (of 4).

• I will try and cross another 4 items off my Bucket List (two already planned are the Harry Potter Movie Marathon and LeakyCon London attendance).


I think that’s a more manageable list than last year so I think I’ll leave it there.




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