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B is for… Buffy the Vampire Slayer #AtoZChallenge

B is for… Buffy the Vampire Slayer


And again with the Joss Whedonverse. I have been a fan of Buffy since and even despite of the movie (yes, you can see from the picture that I even own it on DVD!! And you can see my original cinema ticket on the post here). Thankfully the series was much less hammy and got a good run of seven seasons from 1997-2003. I did buy the ‘graphic novel’ type eighth season but wasn’t so keen.

My top 5 episodes from Buffy are: really, really hard to narrrow down but I’m going to be good (unlike I was on this post where I realise I’ve done this theme a little before – good to see my top episodes have stayed fairly static – Quite entertaining to see my episode write up is virtually identical too despite being written two years apart)

Once More With Feeling – Season 6 Episode 7
I absolutely adore the musical episode – own the separate DVD (even though the episode is in the season boxset) and the Soundtrack. I’m Under Your Spell is a great song and I was pretty impressed with all the singing.

Hush – Season 4 Episode 10
The gentleman are one of the freakiest monsters of all time. I used to be able to do their face and scare my sister silly. The fact there is no speaking in most of the episode is impressive and I love the bit where Buffy is miming staking a vampire!!!

Normal Again – Season 6 Episode 17
I’ve seen this in other supernatural series (such as in tomorrow’s C is for… Charmed) but Buffy really nails it with the last shot leaving us wondering is this all a figment of her psychosis.

Doppelgangland – Season 3 Episode 16
Good Willow playing Evil Vampire Willow – Bored now!

The Pack – Season 1 Episode 6
Hyena Xander is smoking hot

I have to give a quick mention to the scene with the Yellow Crayons – makes me weep.

In fact I could go on about Buffy all day and don’t think there are many episodes I wouldn’t be happy to watch – though what was with the Cheese man in the season 4 closer!!

And a quick nod to Being Human

Being Human

Are you a Buffy fan? Which is your top episode and why?
Have you ever found that you’ve already blogged about something, almost written an identical post and not realised?

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